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**REVIEW** Orimerc Feet Self watering Wick Cord for Vacation Self-watering Planter Pot

This is a copy of the post from my other blog (Banned by Amazon). Until that blog starts getting more traffic, I will be mirroring the posts here.

PRODUCT LINK: Feet Self watering Wick Cord for Vacation Self-watering Planter Pot
SELLER & LINK:  Orimerc

SELLER REVIEW (4 stars for customer service)

(I have to update this Seller Review. I contacted the seller to tell them that the wick cord still had not arrived as of this past Sunday - 10/21. I received a very sincere apology and was immediately refunded the entire price and told to keep the wick when it arrives. The seller told me that they contacted the Postal Service and was told that the shipment was late due to high volume and low staffing. Whatever the case, I appreciate the seller making an effort to remedy my inconvenience. I have to give this seller a 4-star rating for their customer service. What you see about the seller in the next paragraphs is what I wrote prior to their contacting me.)

When I ordered this, I didn't realize it would be shipped from China. I don't mind getting items shipped from China, but I like to know it beforehand. For one thing, you will have a much longer shipping time. For another, tracking is a pain in the tail.

Anyway, I ordered this on October 3rd and I just saw on the Amazon page today that this will be "arriving tomorrow". So, yeah.

While I can no longer submit reviews on Amazon, I am still able to give Seller feedback. If the product is as expected, the only thing I have to say about the seller is that shipments from China should be very visibly flagged as such.

NOTE: The product arrived on the morning of the 22nd.


Why I wanted this: I wanted this because I'm trying to plan for when I need to be away from my plants for any significant length of time. I already have the timers and some of those inserts that are meant to slowly water plants.  I will be reviewing - or re-reviewing older orders like these in separate posts. The wick cords are supposed to be a better method. So... let's review.

In addition to the 200 feet of cord that I ordered, the shipment included 2 gift packs of cord made for smaller sized plants. That was a very unexpected and pleasant addition!

The smaller cording doesn't look much different from the thick cording but it feels different and does seem like it was easier to use in my smaller potted plants.

This is a shot of how the water levels went down from 11:43 to 12:00 - using time stamps on camera - with the wick watering my Peace Lily (which is a very thirsty plant).

Bottle almost full at 11:43
I forgot to pre-water the plant.

She drank a LOT of water in 15 minutes!

This cording does work and it works well. I have to admit that I am a little surprised at how well this works. You can see from some of the photos and times how fast the water levels dropped. That's probably because I didn't water the plants as well as I should have done before inserting the wicks. No worries. Once the plants did get enough water, they stopped pulling in more.

The one thing you have to figure out is how to level your water containers (higher or lower than the plants) so that your thirstier plants get more water while the less needy plants get a little less. I'm starting to test different levels so that I am set for when I leave. For now, I have the plants in their usual spots in the living room; when I leave for more than a few days, I will put them all in the bathroom on the shower floor. That will make using a wicking system simpler because I can leave larger pots of water and have them raised to the various levels needed for the different plants. That also simplifies using the plant lights and timers since everything will be enclosed in one room.

What I like most about the wicking cords is how easy they are to set up. I am even considering doing a little experiment using the cords along with the "watering devices" I didn't realize are called hydro spikes! LOL. As you can tell from my review, I wasn't in love with relying only on those.

I have no major negatives to relate about this wicking cord. As a matter of fact, I will feel very comfortable using them (alone or with the spikes) whenever I have to be away from my plants.

Another huge positive about this cord is that it's priced really well for the amount and quality of the cord. This soaked the water right up and was working from the start.

Okay, there are no major negatives, but...

CON: The printed instructions were pretty detailed but a little off-putting because I have cognitive issues. Can't blame the seller for that, but since I do better with visuals I watched this YouTube video (water wicking method starts at 01:35 mark)

Bottom Line: Though this item shipped from China and I was frustrated with the late arrival, the seller followed up with a lot of concern and courtesy. I have gotten other things from China that didn't arrive lightning fast, but not so slowly. This makes me believe that, like the seller explained, there were some uncommon postal/shipping problems. At any rate, because of the price and quality (and customer service), I will order from Orimerc again.

If you are interested in plants, please check out photos and info about my green collection over at The Planted Earth.


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