Friday, May 28, 2010

Um, Yeah... Okay

I am just in one of those moods! Just about everyone and everything I see lately is funny to me. Especially those people who are so critical but have obviously never looked at The Man In the Mirror (sing it, Micheal!)...

I was in a store not long ago & I remember being tickled by this lady giving another lady the oh-no-you-di'nt look. I guess Lady#1 was not impressed that Lady#2 (who was a little on the big side) was wearing some vacuum-sealed, panty-short shorts. Okay, I get it: some folks shouldn't wear certain types of clothes when they are of a certain age, size or body-shape. Got it. BUT - Lady#1 had a little bit of nerve to be giving ANYbody else the side-eye over wardrobe choices. Lady#1 wasn't a big girl, but she was sporting some nasty cellulite, so I don't think HER choice of shorts was wise. To top it off, she was wearing one of those t-back tank tops WITH a regular bra & that bra was not clean. So.... *smh*

When I was younger, I was one of those super-critical, ultra-catty heffas. I mean, I'd crack on just about anybody for the way they wore their hair, clothes, makeup... You name it. I was just a rude child (at least when my mama wasn't around to put me in check), so I'm not totally innocent here. But, dang - some folks just need not to make an Olympic sport of the casual critique. I hear crazy crap all the time...

My pet peeve is when people use the word "ghetto" to describe someone with no manners. Like there aren't people who were raised or live in the inner city who don't have manners. (And we know that when people say "ghetto," they usually mean "black." No shame in speaking the truth here!) What's that about? I've noticed that there are a lot of people raised in upper-middle and wealthy homes who can slap on a "ghetto" slang and vibe like nobody's business. And I have personally heard some young non-black girls who sound "blacker" (I know, I know - like there is a "black" way to sound!) than any rapper. Now, my very favorite is to hear one person call another person "ghetto" when they don't sound (or act) much better. I always want to say: "See a little more of the world outside your own before you get uppity."

My next peeve is something that mostly WOMEN are bad about. (Okay, maybe not, but I hear this from more women than men). It's when a woman is very, very picky about what she wants in a man, but... Um, let's just say that HER qualities are not exactly up to par. Come on, now, you all know what I mean. You have some chick who needs a lot of acrylic (hair, nails, etc) to get out of coyote ugly range, but she just will not even LOOK at a guy unless he could make someone's "Most Beautiful" list.

Now, over to the GUYS: what y'all are bad about (at least that I've seen), is wanting to get some nice, respectable, gorgeous woman when YOU barely have a job (if you do), have no idea of how to treat a woman, AND is the kind of guy that no self-respecting woman would want to introduce to anyone as her man. I mean, really, guys. You want to walk around acting like an ignorant fool, but you want to be in the company of a classy woman? Uh uh. Won't happen. (Okay, maybe it will - ONCE - but only because she thinks you are someone worth building up. Fail that and - zip - you're done. Back to the bottom of the social heap.)

Another peeve? Those folks who just love to brag. "I got this" and "I got that." Or: "I only buy this kind of such-and-such," and "I'm gonna be getting this or that"... Chile, please. Just. Stop. You been so busy trying to talk a game that you must have forgot that I know where you come from. You don't own your home, you don't own your car, and if you have any credit, you're drowning in debt. Oh, yeah, and let's not forget that while you're rocking the latest fashions, your house is nasty and if they had a sale on common sense and future planning, you'd have to hock that attitude of yours to buy any.

Finally, I cannot leave the main peeve off the list: I call these folks "Mouth Christians." Yep. If you just listened to what they said in church or in their prayers, you'd think they had time-share in Heaven already. But when it comes down to actually BEING charitable or caring or forgiving.... No-ho-ho-ho!!! Not them. They just LIVE for the moment when they can "pay" back someone for something wrong. (Now, we don't have to worry about these folks. I believe they will get into Heaven if they do believe on Jesus, but I have a feeling they are really pushing their luck down here on earth. Jesus knows what we do.)

Anyway, I know that this wasn't a real decent post. I'm feeling a little out of sorts & having trouble concentrating. I'm headed back to Anchorage this weekend and I have a lot on my mind. This post was really just a way to think about something else but the road ahead for a minute or two. Y'all please be praying for me, that I have a safe flight & that God look over my silly little self.



Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Not Impressed (or) What Love Is and What It Ain't

I couldn't focus on a title for this post (as you can tell).  Shoot, I was also thinking of calling it: "You're Not Cute, So Stop It!"

Look - if you are grown and you know it, you don't have to always be trying to prove it. Just be grown, damn it. I don't need you to show your behind, talking all the time about "I this and I that."

And if you are in love and you know it, clap your fucking hands and call it a day. Don't walk around trying to prove to everyone that you are in love. (And, by the way: if you really are in love and secure in it, everyone will get it. All that talking about how in love you are makes me a little bit suspicious...)

I'm sorry. I guess this is just my weekend for ranting. I've already gone off good and long on one person. Please, God, help me control myself & not let loose on anyone else.
But, damnit! Really. I'm just tired of "grown" folks having to show their behinds because they think it makes them look grown. Take a note here: IT DOESN'T. And it's not cute. Or endearing. It doesn't make anyone respect you any more. It doesn't make anyone look at you and say, "Wow, I wanna be just like you." Nope. What it does is, it tap dances on a person's last good nerve.

And about love?

Here's what "love" is and isn't:

Love IS -
  • NOT based on your emotions. (Women, especially - when you are hormonal and hate the freaking idea of that man even breathing, you are not "out of love." You are just bitchy & irritable. Get some Midol or Pamprin or borrow a freaking Valium from somewhere. That mood WILL pass. And if it doesn't, then you better pray your man isn't the one trying to dump your moody ass.)
  • NOT about what someone else has. I don't care if your girlfriend's man showers her with a rainbow of jewels and has her sleeping on a mattress filled with rose petals. That ain't YOUR situation. (For all you know, your girl buddy is just being grown & talking a good game & her man ain't all that anyway.) Whatever. The thing is: you need to be happy in YOUR situation. If you aren't, then you messed up from the get-go. Keeping up with the Joneses is not a good thing, especially when it comes to a relationship. YOUR situation is what it is and ain't what it ain't. Deal with it.
  • NOT a fantasy or a romance novel. If you have your spouse/lover running ragged having to prove to you every minute of every damn day that he/she "loves" you, you're going to wear that situation out. Someone who loves you for real, loves you even when they are out of your sight for ten minutes. They love you even when they don't jump fast enough when you snap your selfish fingers. They love you even when they want to go hang out with someone else for a minute or two. It's called LOVE, not PRISON. You are a spouse or a partner, not a warden with keys to the cell block. Damn.
  • NOT being able to boss someone around like they are three years old. (For that matter, as a woman - and maybe this is just me - I have never been turned on by or attracted to a man that will let me run him like that.) Women, I know that some men need a little direction and guidance. Men, I know that women like to know you are the man. People, just keep in mind that everything is good in moderation. It's just as bad to have a man who is "whipped" than it is to have a woman who is controlled. To me, both seem a little bit abusive. And one more thing for the women on this: Keep ripping a man's balls off & you'll end up with a puppy and not a husband. If you wanted another woman, you should have swung that way.
  • NOT cutting a person down, but building them up. (I'm guilty of this one. Once - ONLY ONCE - I did a little ego-smashing. But, like I said, all things in moderation. LOL)
  • NOT always "feeling" in love. There are good times and bad times. I'm pretty sure a lot of people in serious relationships have looked around and wondered: "Did I make a mistake?" Bottom line is, if you only stay in a relationship when you "feel" in love, you'd be a mess. The next time one of those wondering moments hits you, maybe ask yourself if you'd be happy NOT being with this person for the rest of your life. Ask yourself how you'd like to look up and see them with another person who does appreciate them.
  • Work. Love (or at least relationships) is work, just like any other pursuit in life.Sometimes, it's easy work and sometimes it's hard work. Sometimes you will have to be the one to put more into the relationship (more patience, more sympathy, more... whatever). Sometimes you have to sacrifice and do less (like less eye-rolling, sighing and that arm-folding thing we all like to do when we are showing just how freaking patient we are! LOL) And like with any other "work," there are paydays and deductions. It's all about balancing the good, the bad and the everything in between.
So, yeah, I started this post with a little bit of an attitude, but my intentions are in the right place. All I want to get across is: either appreciate your situation or rectify it, but don't do anything just for show. It will make you miserable. And no one is impressed. No one will think you are "grown," they will just think you are silly and have some growing up to do.

P.S.: And no, I'm NOT talking to anyone in particular. I'm just looking at life and making some observations.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My She Speaks Experience

I belong to the site SheSpeaks. It's a very cool program where people can give feedback on products and services. Recently, I was invited to try out a skin-care product called Strivectin. Because I will be FORTY-NINE (yikes) at the end of June, and because I can be a little bit vain about my skin, I am just chomping at the bit to try this product.


Here is the BEFORE photo that I just took today. 

Hair pulled back, no makeup, no smile... AND under the harsh glare of a bathroom light. I will post other pics as I use the product. (Now, you all know I'm too undisciplined to do the day-by-day photo thing, but I will try to do at least once a week when I begin using the product.)

Wish me luck!


P.S.: I've recommended the SheSpeaks site to all my galfriends before, but, really, I'm telling you: this site is amazing. I've gotten to try out SO much stuff before spending money on it. They even pay for the shipping. Can't beat that. Just make sure that, if you do join up, you give lots of honest feedback. That's what the whole thing is about!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


It's another lazy post day. Just jotting down things I've been thinking...
  • So many things that Mama & other elders told me when I was young have been proven true. 
  • I want to win the lottery. Not so I can be rich, but so I don't have to be poor.
  • I'm really liking the Mary J. Blige's "Just Fine." It fits right now. I'm waiting for it to be really true.
  • Life is good. It's not very forgiving, but it is good.
  • Is it bad that "Family Guy," "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show" are my favorite shows right now?
  • I'm down to a size 4 right now & why does that worry me?
  • FedEx is taking forever to get that phone here. The delivery guy better not be chatting it up with a cute customer! LOL
  • My cousin can crack me up just by saying: "Oh, no! No, no, no. We don't match!" (Yeah, I know. Inside joke about Walmart!)
  • Rough times are bearable if you just remember that it's called "building a testimony."
  • Where the hell is that FedEx guy???
  • I had the world's best tostado the other day. I need to get another one. 
  • I have finally had Chic-fi-a (?) and, boy, am I hooked now!
  • I'm a little worried about a niece of mine because I haven't heard from her in months. Hope she is okay. If she is, I want to kick her ass.
  • I want a piece of cheesecake. Right now. (And why do I have food on the brain?)
  • Anyone in the world can hurt your body, but only the ones you love can hurt your heart. (Don't know where that one came from...)
 That's enough for now. I need to do something a little more productive...


Monday, May 03, 2010

Smartphone Smarts

I just mailed all my fam and friends with info about how to get in touch with me after i upgrade my cell phone (that is, getting in touch with me without running me deeper into the poorhouse). 

I researched for almost 2 weeks on upgrading my cellphone & just now realized that I've  gathered a lot of info that others might want to put to use. So here goes my post on how to save with cellphones and services. I am looking at solutions I found to my personal issues in upgrading:

Issue #1 was "Can I afford to buy the phone I want?"... You don't have to buy from your carrier. Matter of fact, I am getting away FREE by using Walmart online. Even the shipping is free. Here are some places to shop:
  • Walmart - the service is by LetsTalk. Good array of at&t voice plans offered and free shipping. They require credit/debit card even on complete freebies (for i.d. purposes only) & I found that there is a tiny charge to my card for the "authorization" from the card company. Still... saved the $99 at&t was charging for the phone.
  • Amazon - Check them out. Verizon's $600 Droid was running $20 at last check. You can search site by carrier or phone type.
  • Best Buy - They offer free 2-day shipping in some instances
  • Radio Shack - I didn't check them out too deep
  • Wirefly - Like the "free" price, but they required more expensive base voice package. Violate this (even tho at&t has no problem with you changing to a cheaper package) & Wirefly can charge you full price for the phone. All in the smallest print just before "check out," of course.
 Issue #2 was "I can get the phone, but can I afford a plan that works for me?"...I needed to stay in the same monthly bill bracket. Problem is, I have unlimited data and text on my non-smartphone, but can't afford the same on the smartphone. Solution - get rid of my text package and I'm ok. Second problem - what to do about texting? Solution: Free texting! 

I've already mailed my fam and friends with the way to get in touch with me by sending texts to me via email. 

  • Basically, you can email to a cell phone number instead of texting. 
  • Check with your carrier to get more details, but this site gives the method for several carriers.
  • Also, there are ways to text from PC to a cell phone. I have used Yahoo Messenger for this. When chatting online, just look for the little phone icon in your Yahoo mail chat or Yahoo Messenger chat. (This would probably be a good time to update your email contacts list!)
  • Warning: for at&t customers, I know for a FACT that they charge IM messages same as text messages. Some people (me) believed using Yahoo IMs saved me text fees. NOT. Other people believed that it was free to RECEIVE message. NOT. AT&T charges me for sending or receiving texts. Check your carrier for the rules.
 Issue #3 was "What else can I do to maximize my phone use (for free or cheap)?...
  • Texting & calling services you might not already know about include Skype and iSkoot. Not sure how these work, but check them out if you want. Keep in mind, that some of these services are not limited to mobile phones... Just saying.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP)  is still blurry to me, but this page explains it well, with little diagrams and everything! LOL
 Bottom line is, I started out thinking that I could not afford the phone I wanted, but with a little research, I managed it. Now, can I tell you why I wanted the Motorola Backflip so badly?

First of all, it's really cute (because I am a "girl" at heart, that's important to me no matter how broke I am!)... See, look.

Second of all, it has features I need since I am living a little bit of an un-tethered and unconventional life right now. Here are some of the features:
  • Connected to my PC, it will show up as a hard drive there. I will be able to drag and drop files right onto the phone. (OK, maybe some of the files will be of the music type, but...!)
  • The camera is wonderful. I don't have a digital camera, so this is just a fancy plus for me even if it not a necessity.
  • The web browser is great. I can customize. HTML is there. Right now, my laptop is a year old & has been through the travel ringer. It's going to be nice to have a phone that I can count on almost as deeply as I do my laptop should something go wrong.
  • The GPS is supposed to be good. Not that I plan to pay for that service yet but it's there. Those who know me understand how I can get lost in Mayberry, let alone in the big Texas cities I'm hanging out in...
  • Phone quality is rated as "Excellent." That's important.
  • And, mostly, I really liked using the phone when I tested it at the at&t store. It was solid, easy to use & I didn't feel like it would crumble into pieces is I dropped it.
So, congratulate me on the phone I will be married to for at least the next two years. I spent more time checking out this phone than I did my husband! LOL (Kidding, Tim. You know I love ya, baby!)
I really hope some of this info was useful to you guys. And send me an email if I didn't not give you my phone number yet!