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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Music Therapy (again)

Just feeling this one. I know it's a love song, but for some reason when I hear this, I think of my parents and grandparents. Weird. Still, it's a great song.

Both my parents passed away in summer months. I had never thought about that way until Steve Wonder sang this at the M Jackson memorial. When I heard it then, I looked over at my sister and we just about started bawling.

Keeping on the Stevie Wonder kick, this is a song that I sang to my husband in the car as we were driving from Texas to Alaska. Even though things have been really rough since then, I figure it had to be love that kept us from killing each other on that long, long, looooong drive. (Good friends of mine might be able to get me to tell them the "piss story.")

One of my brothers is extremely clumsy, but he loves to dance. Once (and this is when I was a teenager), he and I were driving along (him at the wheel) and this song came on. We both love this song, but, let me tell you: this man should NOT try driving and dancing at the same time. He was doing that thing folks did back in the day - you know, tapping the brakes in time to the music? - Well... let's just say, that could have turned out to be an episode of "I Survived." Now. Go ahead, dance and bop your head!

This song right here... I fell in love with the vocals, but when I saw that brother with the cigar hanging out of his mouth (I don't know if it was Ray, Goodman or Brown), I was in loooove!!! One of my young crushes... These brothers are just some old-school smooth. You know I always wanted to freshen up my Afro Sheen, lip gloss and then hit the dance floor for this one! LOL

I used to lip synch my ass off to this one! I'd be in the mirror just dancing and perching my lips... (Know I can't sing for anything & never could hit those notes, so I'd just make the faces.) One time my mom came in and I almost hurt myself trying to play like I was brushing my hair instead of having a concert! 

I'm not really a big MJ Blige fan, but as ol' girl says, "This joint right here..." We'll close out those post on that one. It's kinda the way I've been feeling the last few weeks. And, yeah, go ahead and dance to it. I am!


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