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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Remember When

I've been in a reminiscing mood all day. With Sarc, one of the things I have trouble with is remembering. Mostly, I can remember things that happened a long time ago, but have trouble with the here and now. Since I have the precious gift of so many older memories I'm posting on the #Remember hashtag over on Twitter and figured I might as well share here:

Remember when Mom baked & you got to like the spoon?

Remember  when Moms made "sample" cakes before they baked the real one? I always got to eat the sample!

Remember when kids played hopscotch, jump rope, jacks and marbles? Do they still do that?

Remember when you got your first "press & curl" & no more pigtails? (OK this is for black women, ppl! lol)
Remember when ANY adult could smack your behind when you misbehaved?

Remember when you had to say "ma'am" & "sir" to adults?

Remember when you couldn't call adults just by their 1st name?

Remember when you could get pieces of tar to chew on? I'm sure that's why my teeth were so healthy back then.

Remember when curfew was whatever time the streetlights came on?

Remember when you could go to the corner store & get a lemon & peppermint stick? Put the ppmnt stick in the lemon.

Remember when church went on for HOURS? And it was always too hot or too cold. And you had the MLK paper fans.

Remember when getting chocolate milk w/school lunch just made the whole day better?

Remember when a bully called you out for a fight after school & you just dreaded 3 o'clock?

Remember when kids made mud pies? & somebody came out w/SuzyBake ovens. I got 1 & U couldn't tell me NOTHIN! I was Julia-Betty Cro-Childs

Remember playing dress-up in Mom's clothes? I dang near broke my ankle wearing her heels.

Remember  the smell of freshly mimeographed papers the teacher handed out?

I Remember when my mom could make a feast for the family out of a potato, onion & a piece of hamburger meat.

I Remember my first "perfume" was vanilla extract & baby powder.

I Remember  being taught that no matter how old I am, I'm still to respect those who are older

I Remember being taught that being "grown" and being mature are 2 different things. There's too many immature "grown" folks these days.

I Remember when our phone was on a party line.

I Remember riding w/mama in this old light blue truck. Seats were all cracked, smelled like oil rags & gear shift was on steering wheel.

I Remember that during lightening storms, grandma wld unplug EVERYTHING & we kids had 2B very still & quiet.

I Remember my aunt's sweet tea. It was real strong w/about 2 inches of sugar sitting in the bottom. Haven't had such delicious tea since.

I Remember catching lightening bugs & using the glow part for jewelry.

I Remember eating hoecake w/onions & gravy, pinto beans & hot water cornbead. Daddy liked hot skillet cornbread w/cold buttermilk. 

God's blessed me to have so many wonderful memories. I hope you enjoyed the stroll as much as I did.

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