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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Writer's Note (or) Beautiful People

I haven't written anything (creatively) in several months - not since before my diagnosis. The other day, I began to feel something stir. Don't know what it will lead to, but I have a plot in mind and a few words in my head:

Beautiful people should never fall in love

Except with us

Those so longed for should be frozen in time

Or not exist at all

Because they break longing hearts

They get into the minds and dreams of other us

Beautiful, longed-for people

They make us want them and all we can not be

We are so

Beautifully done in

By the beautiful

Beautiful people

... We will see what I can do with this. Hope my brain cooperates.



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  2. Hi Abia (what a nice name!). I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. That's always SO nice to hear. I think of this a place to just write whether anyone reads it or not, but, hey - it feels better to know that others are looking at it. :-)

    Thank you!