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Friday, January 25, 2013

Love It or Hate It

Love Revlon for their Black Cherry (#477) Super Lustrous Lipstick. Why? Because I have such a hard time finding a good red for my skin type. Oftentimes, the color will be okay, but the formula will dry my lips to the texture of sandpaper. Get it right, folks: all dark black people are not blue-toned; some of us have the red undertone.

Love "Wint-O-Green" Life Saver mints. They are my new addiction since I gave up the tobacco sticks. (Day 33) My only complaint is a petty one: what the hell is up with the Wint-O-Green and Pep-O-Mint names? People all over the world already think Americans are a dumb. I make spelling and grammar mistakes here, but I'm not being paid for writing this blog. Use the correct spelling, guys. (And are the makers of Life Savers even American? Wrigley's?  ~shrug~)

Love Werther's candies, but they cost damn near as much as my cigarettes. Still, love 'em! Just try one of the caramel apple ones and tell me you aren't in love.

Hate Air Wick's Fresh-o-matic Vanilla Cookie Scent. LOVE the automatic dispenser, but that scent is ugh. Smells more like stale cookies. (And I kind of have an attitude about the dispenser's snake-like sound, but...) Thank goodness it's a scent limited to funking up the holidays.

Love the Beyond Belief whipped body creme in the Fresh Cotton scent I found at Sally's Beauty Supply. I got a 4 ounce tube for a whopping dollar ninety-nine (cheaper on the web). Fell in love with the texture, smell and slightly pearl-esque glow it initially leaves on the skin. Most of all, my broke ass fell in love with that price. 

Looking at this list, I'm happy to see that I Love more than I Hate. Still, I need to find more of what I love. 

For instance, what are the best lipsticks for darker complexioned women? Are there any good soy candles out there that I can fall in love with and not go broke buying? Does anyone make a decent air freshener that lasts and smells good? While I'm at it, I'd like to know if there is a good gelato sold in major supermarkets? (Right now I'm down like James Brown with the Talenti brand.)

Ah well. Looking on the bright side,  the less I love, the more I save.


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