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**REVIEW**Digital Luggage Scale by Gear District

True story:

On one of the trips I've taken in the past 3 years (I can`t remember which trip), I sweated all the way to the airport, worrying that my luggage was going to be too heavy. Since I was being dropped off at such a huge airport, my ride was not going to be able to stick around after tossing me out at the curb (at my own insistence). For the whole ride to the airport, I was toying with the idea of rearranging and unpacking some stuff so that I could just send for it later. I didn't  reorganize or unpack, but I was sure praying that I didn't end up giving away clothes at the airport just so I didn't  have to pay any of the outrageous over-weight luggage fees.

(True-story-inside-a-true-story: a family member once tossed a bunch of cosmetics at the airport. Can`t remember if it was a weight thing or a TSA thing...)

Anyway, on this particular trip, I get to Baggage Check and, thank goodness, I had a super-nice agent. One of my bags was slightly over while the other was lighter. The agent let me rearrange some stuff so that both bags met weight requirements. The only good thing I remember about that trip was that I was too exhausted from the baggage worries to be as nervous as I usually am about actually flying.

Remember when air travel was fun and relaxing? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway. I took you on that little story journey to tell you about this:

Ignore my bad photography. 
 That's the Digital Luggage Scale from Gear District. And I think I'm in love.

Man, I hate flying, but I will sure be loving this the next time I have to go somewhere on a plane. Until now, I`ve used bathroom scales and toddlers to try to get an idea of what my luggage will clock in at. (Yes, toddlers. If you know how much the kid weighs, you try to guess how much heavier or lighter than he/she is than the bag. By the way, neither method works very well.)

This scale is pretty awesome. The only complaint I can come up with (if I dig real deep) is that I struggled with trying to figure out how to put the battery in. On the other hand, I am a little sarc-slow. And, hey, at least they did include the battery. (The battery is one of those flat watch type deals, and I never have any of those around the house. Can`t even dismantle the kid`s toy for one.)

That's the itty bitty battery on the left.
The digital read-out is very clear. You just adjust whether you want lbs or kgs. Hook the scale to the handle of your bag and... well, pick it up and wait for the news. I tested it on some luggage that I still have half-packed from the Thanksgiving trip (don`t dare judge me!) and I would try guess what the weight would read. I was never right. I was never even close.

Um, I should have gotten a photo of a readout, I guess. Oops

This box photo doesn't do it justice, but...
There`s really nothing else I need to tell you about this. It`s just kind of a lifesaver when you travel enough  give yourself ulcers over baggage fees. I`m going to be as arrogant as hell the next time I check bags. Or, at least, I won`t be sweating bullets and playing the game of "Which Pair of Shoes/Jeans/Coat Could I Absolutely Live Without?"

Oh - the scale came with a bonus item: a little combo luggage lock. It`s nice, but I haven`t reset the combination. I might use a lock on my luggage while I am at a hotel or staying with friends who have friends I don't trust, but I`m not trying to dare the TSA to bust into my suitcase. I`m that person who always - ALWAYS - finds that notice inside my bag that it was opened for a "random" check. How random is it when it`s always me? Whatever.

Still, it's nice to have the lock. For hotels & such.

The scale looks nice, too. It`s a brushed stainless steel that feels real sturdy. I mentioned that the readout is clear and easy to read. It`s black numbers on a vibrant blue background. It`s small enough to tuck into your purse or briefcase (and it`s light enough so you don`t add to your worries about its weight.

Yeah, so, if you travel and are not rich (or foolish) enough not to worry about paying overweight bag fees, this is a nifty gadget. The price is good too. When I was sent mine, it was priced at about $15, down from around $40, but I guess that depends on discounts and other changes in prices. It's still cheaper than one payment of an overweight baggage fee. (Trust me, I know from experience.)

Finally, I have to say this: Usually, when a product claims to be a "great gift idea", I wonder if the Marketing crew just ran out of positive things to say and needed to fill some space. With this product, I will say it because it's true: This is a great gift idea. 

And.... the warranty is a Lifetime Hassle-free one.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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