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**REVIEW** Pinjian Home Gym Pedal Fitness Latex Tube Foot Elastic Exerciser

Because the snow up here keeps doing encores, it's tough for me to make it to the gym. (I hate driving on snow and ice.) Plus, it's just plain hard to get motivated to make it to the gym as often as I should.

You can bet that I was excited to try this:

It's a Home Gym Pedal Exerciser. Basically.

I was ready for it because I get a text alert for arriving parcels. I was suited out in my sweats and tennis shoes. And immediately ran into 2 problems. First:

No instructions. Not even a scrap of paper with stick figures. You have to go back online and find something...  If your internet connection is down, well, I guess the pictures on the box are supposed to be enough instruction. But did you really look at that photo?

Notice she has SHOES on

That chick is sitting on air and not moving at all. That was ZERO help to me. Also, I ran into another problem that the she's not having:

That's a regular highlighter just for perspective

Wearing just socks, my feet only barely fit into those peddle slots. No way am I going to get my sneakers in there. (Yes, I tried. It was embarrassing. One shoe got stuck and my little nephew gave me the side eye.)

On the product page for this item, the man is not wearing shoes. That's more honest.

Another problem I have with this item is materials. None of the parts feels cheap, but I worry about wear and tear. I really didn't want to pull that hard on the thing. Since there are no instructions or other helpful pieces of info -other than in the photos at the product page -  I can't be sure that I won't mess around and snap something. I was a little worried about the way the tension pieces hung unevenly.

That's not resting on anything,
just hanging straight down

Most of all, I keep coming back to the biggest problems with this: No instructions and those tiny peddles. I felt like a giant, trying to squeeze my size 7 1/2 dogs in there. (Okay, I wear an 8 now, but my tennis shoes run small...)

This is included on the product page:

Maybe I had the wrong expectations
I will say that I like the concept. I took off my shoes and tried playing around with this and actually managed to do some kind of "something". I can't call it 'exercise' because I was just improvising. At any rate, my socks didn't provide enough grip for me to feel safe about my foot not sliding loose. I mean, it was just barely hooked in the pedal anyway...

As far as the exercises shown above, I didn't feel comfortable doing anything but the "Hand Training". I don't need that one. I need the ones for my waist. But I'm worried about this thing snapping on me.

I really feel bad that this didn't work out. I was just too excited, I guess. Maybe someone else has managed to work with this and can send me tips. For now, the best I can say is that, for those who purchased this, there is this: "WARRANTY--90 days no hassle money back guarentee, life-time replacement warranty."

It's not often that I can find so little positve to say about a product I try, but this one is not up to snuff, IMO. Sorry, but this seems like the kind of thing I expect to find in the Dollar Store. It's not for me and I really cannot recommend it to my readers :-(


In exchange for providing my fair and honest review, I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only review products that I have personally used and can give an opinion of.


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