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**REVIEW** Buram Flower Honey (with the comb!)

Okay, I have to admit that this isn't the usual type of 'review' but, since I do love honey, I had to share with you guys.

How can you not love this? I mean, if you like honey as much as I do.

Two things I don't know about this honey is what type of flower(s) it's from and how processed it is. I do know that this is an import from Turkey. From what I can tell from other online reviews, the brand is respected. From my own experience, I can definitely tell you that this tastes soooo good. (So, yes, +J.D. Hughes, I am eating the honeycomb! LOL)

You might remember that I talked about how super sweet Tupelo honey was. I only use it for certain things because of that. Funny thing is, this honey is just about as sweet as Tupelo, but it's a different type of taste. Tupelo is almost sugary-sweet and, to me, it has a wine-like taste. This one has a mellower sweetness. It's perfect for my honey-water drinks. Also, I finally tried it with some cheese. Nice. (I haven't done so yet, but can't wait to try this with goat cheese. Shout out here to one of my nieces-of-the-heart, Jamie!)

The whole reason I wanted to try this honey - because, Lord knows, I have enough stocked for now - is that it contains a piece of raw honeycomb.

From doing some general study, I know that honeycomb can be good but has to be eaten with some moderation. If you guys actually read my past posts, you know about the raw honey, honeycomb, and propolis.

I've had bits of honeycomb that come in the Really Raw honey that I buy, but I really love being able to break off a little gob of the comb and just.... Oh! It's tastes so good.

Some people in the Amazon reviews, questions and forums have talked about eating it all the time (and even swallowing it). I'm going to be more careful about that because of what I've mentioned before. What I've done since I got this comb is to chew all the flavor out of it, chew on the wax for a while (like gum), then spit it out.

One thing I've noticed since looking for honeycomb is that it can be pricey. That alone will keep me from eating too much. Plus, even a little piece of it is good enough. The fact that you get that crunchy bit of flavor is a nice morning pick-me-up. Chewing on the wax is soothing and I'm sure it's healthier than chewing regular gum. Since honey is so "anti" (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant...), I think of chewing on the comb and the wax as being really healthy for the mouth. Maybe? Probably?

At any rate, if you like honey - or have been wanting to try honeycomb - I can tell you that I am in love with this one. For price-sake, I think it's better to purchase honey with some comb in it instead of buying just the comb. I don't think that I will be going through the comb that fast.

Like I said, this isn't a typical review, but I had to share it.


P.S.: You all should know that you should never give honey to kids under a year old. I was taught by my mom that you didn't give honey to kids under TWO years old. I only recently learned the reason for that. It can cause infant botulism. So do be careful. Also, if you are allergic to bees or bee products, stay away from pollen, propolis and other products of that nature. Just saying.


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