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**REVIEW** Sweet Orange EO by Fab Naturals

Everyone who's read this blog at least twice must know that I love essential oils. LOVE them. After a few years of testing and reviewing so many EOs, I think I've developed a sense for which ones are good quality. The latest one I've tried is Sweet Orange from Fab Naturals.

My preference for one oil over another depends on what I'm using it for. I like lemon, orange, cinnamon, black pepper and clove for their particular cleaning uses. All of them are great, IMO, as fighters of fungus, bacteria and other germ-y things. Sweet Orange has the added Plus of a great smell. Today, I had some lemon-scented wax melts going when I was cleaning with this Sweet Orange. I discovered how good the scents mingle. A long while back, I had mixed some orange and lemon EO with water to spray the trailer and the smell wasn't nearly as yummy. Huh, Live, learn and experiment, right?

There is a difference in the different types of citrus EOs and this ezine does a great job of breaking down the orange types  sweet, wild, bitter, etc. I'll have to bookmark that for reference!

For me, I just like the scent of sweet orange. It's a lighter and less "tart" smelling fragrance. I've been experimenting with using it in combinations. It's very nice with black pepper EO and I sort of like it mixed with my vanilla-grapefruit fragrance. I'll have to play with the combo amounts a bit more.

Here are some of the way you can use this Sweet Orange EO:

  • Can be used as an insect repellent. (I've seen several sources that talk about this. I heard it when I first started using EOs regularly.)
  • Citrus oils are supposed to be good for acne prone skin. I would be careful to test for any kind of negative reaction. Also, know that citrus oils react to the sun. Don't apply before going out into sunlight. Some people use citrus oils to highlight their hair.
  • Lots of natural hair enthusiasts like to use a combo of moisturizing oils and citrus EOs to condition their hair. The main carrier oils I've heard of being used are olive and coconut, but I'm sure you could use whatever your favorite is as a carrier. Here is what Nappy Headed Black Girl has on the subject. 
  • Apparently, mixing a bit of moisturizing oil with a some Sweet Orange EO makes for a nice lip balm. (Again, think about the effect of the sun on citrus oils!)

Here are the way, I've been using it:

  • Mixed with water in small spray bottle to clean work space and scent the air.
  • A couple of undiluted drops on a damp cloth to clean bathroom counters and get rid of soap scum marks in shower. On a paper towel to clean toilets seat and outer bowl. Toss the used paper towel in bathroom trash can to scent the can.
  • two drops in the 30ml electronic diffuser. The scent is:  a stress reliever/mood lifter, depression fighting and enhances relaxation. (Some people say that they only use this way during waking hours because of an energy lift. It doesn't interrupt my sleep and seems to help me feel more peaceful.)
  • A few drops added to a drop of black pepper EO and some lotion or moisturizing oil is great on my feet, legs and ankles at night. It seems to help with my circulation and I've read that it's also good to relieve swelling.
  • I put about ten drops in a small bottle and added twice as much coconut oil. I keep this mix in my purse so that I can apply some to my wrists or temples. It's a mood lifter when I am dealing with temporary bouts of the blues. There are a couple of different oils and blends I use for this purpose, but this particular EO is the best smelling of all.
  • What I didn't know until today was that this EO is great for applying to foot calluses. Huh! I will be trying this later and updating you on results. Right now, my feet are looking lovely. LOL
  • My favorite new way of using this particular oil is to add some to my twisting cream(s) when I style my hair. Since I don't like to over-wash/dry out my hair, I get some product buildup. Adding the Sweet Orange as an antibacterial gives me some confidence. Also, the scent is just really, really nice.
So, there you have it. There are lots of ways to use Sweet Orange, but the main thing is to get one of good quality. I mentioned somewhere that I've bought a sweet orange EO that was not right. First of all, it didn't smell that great, which should have been my warning. Very soon after I started using the oil, it turned funky smelling. It lost what little bit of citrus scent it started with and picked up a rank odor that got worse and worse. I tossed it out. 

I've been faithful to a couple of brands when it comes to essential oils. Fab Naturals is another brand I'm glad to have found. Right now, I see only a few oils on their site but, if the others are as good as this Sweet Orange, they have something special.


DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the products mentioned in the post at a discount or free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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