Saturday, June 03, 2006

Alaskan Eagle

This is just a cool pic I wanted to share. As I sit around in the 100+ heat, I like to glance at this photo every now and then. How nice and cool the air looks! LOL. And check out those beautiful mountains... I do miss the natural beauty of my former state. I'm falling in love with AZ, but Alaska is just so unique. It's not like you have to ride out anywhere to see the scenery (o.k. - well, maybe to see the eagles) - you could just get anywhere without a building in the way & look out on this kind of loveliness.

A friend of mine took pictures while riding along the Seward Highway in Alaska a few years ago & caught this one of an eagle. (I have another she took of the eagle having "lunch," but it's a little graphic & I didn't want to upset anyone.

P.S.: ANOTHER Alaska friend popped into town & I might be able to hook up with him this coming weekend. I'm SO happy to hear a voice from my old home town... (And, BTW - I uploaded this pic earlier this weekend & am just now posting it now - Sunday ... Blogger can be so weird...)