Sunday, May 06, 2007

Random Thoughts

Some things that have gone through my, uh - the mind of a pack rat while packing to move...

  • Why do I have about 20 different kinds of skin lotions and face creams? When did I buy all this stuff?
  • Why did I bring so much stuff with me from Alaska???? Why am I trying to re-pack it to take it to the next place?
  • Damn! HERE'S that printer cable I was looking for... (This is after I went out and spent money on a new one several months ago.)
  • Do I really need to keep the 50 copies I have of my cousin's graduation picture? And how did they end up in my possession in the first place?
  • I'm pretty sure that I can toss this five year old bag of ATM receipts. (But I might ought to hang on to the stack of checkbook registers though...)
  • Who the hell is Brenda Talinson & why do I have her address on the back of a 1993 Safeway store receipt for tollhouse cookies?
  • I'll go ahead and keep this bag of loose clothes buttons. I think I still have the bell-bottom jeans this yellow one goes to...
  • Oh, man. Did I really ever think that Leroy Powell was THAT cute? According to this eighth-grade school picture, he looked like the drunkenly conceived love-child of Charles Manson and Eartha Kitt.
  • Wonder if those are ibuprofen tablets I have in this tinfoil that was stuck in the corner of my old beat-up vinyl purse?
  • Here's that pair of gloves I got for Christmas eight years ago!
  • And, oh shit - here's my sister's pair of earrings that I swore I never borrowed... Better pack those down in the bottom of something so she doesn't see them...
  • Wonder if I can still cash this $2 rebate check from... 1981??? Wow. I might be able to auction that off on Ebay!
  • When's the last time I had a computer with a floppy drive? Guess I won't need this box of disks...
And on it goes. The more I root through my belongings, the more I realize I might need psychiatric help. I'm not a run-of-the-mill packrat. If packrats had a committee, I'd be chairman, treasurer, and H.P.R.I.C.

Today's the day, folks. I'm going to get rid of some of this junk. I'm going right now to pick up some more garbage bags at Walmart... Garbage bags and maybe some of that new body lotion I heard about, and I'm out of razors - definitely should pick up some more of those. Maybe I should make a list. I know I'm out of hair oil - and I'll need some of that where I'm going because of the humidity. Ooh! And maybe a de-humidifier, huh? I mean, that kind of stuff will probably be cheaper here where it's NOT humid.

I'll talk to you guys later. I really need to sit down and make a good shopping list. There's so many things I'm going to need if I want to get organized and get rid of some of this stuff I keep packing around from place to place...