Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Love Gadgets

In case you can't tell, I love gadgets. Anything that shines or beeps or can be enhanced with wallpapers, backgrounds or extra memory - that's the stuff.

So... I have a few places around the web where I like to browse & dream:

Coolest Gadgets - They have stuff for just about anybody, like the "Remote Controlled Hovering Space Surfer" (for real), a stonebake pizza oven (I want, I want) and this wearable alarm clock that I really should get for my niece who doesn't simply sleep but goes into 9-hour comas.

Techfresh - These guys seem a little more serious & upscale. The first thing that caught my eye was the Solar Cell Tree Charger (no kidding, you can charge a cell phone or camera from something that looks cute sitting on your desk). Then they have a whole section that I need to tell my nephew about: "Upcoming Cell Phones". He's a man who likes to have the latest phone before it even comes out, so...

Think Geek - Nothing on the first page grabbed my short-assed attention span, but if you want to browse, check out something I saw about Jolt drinks in new flavors.

Net Gadget - I don't know what it says about me that I jumped right over to the "Spy Stuff", but once I got there, I was a little disappointed. Yeah, they have things that sound cool, like the bionic ear and walkie-talkie sunglasses, but they look cheap 'n cheesy like the stuff you'd find on a dusty flea-market table.

Discovery (Channel) Store - Even if you find something cheesy here, it won't be cheap. I actually fell in love with the strange-looking shuttle and globe set (it hovers, people; how cool is that? Too bad it hovers right out of my price range for something that I can't eat, live in or drive...). The anti-gravity globe looks nice, so does the magnetic globe puzzle (which I could actually afford).

Gadget Universe - It at least LOOKS a little less flea-market like than Net Gadget, but has some similar spy stuff. So if you want an "agent cam" or "bionic ear", I'd go here instead.