Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Housewives? Yes Again!

I was pretty amazed yesterday to read up on the Atlanta Housewives. Wow, I mean, Lisa threatening to kill Kim. And Kim with her secret, possibly married boyfriend "Big Poppa." And NeNe might have been a "dancer." Mercy.

I have to tell you that my least favorite of the wives is that damn Sheree. Girlfriend thinks her sh*t don't stink. And while she is not ugly, it kills me that she thinks she is so beautiful. Maybe if her attitude was better... Notice how she is always doing that thing of pushing her hair back with her finger? She's always posing. (And when she makes nasty comments about NeNe not being attractive, I want to fall over. NeNe looks better than her hook-nosed behind does!)

My favorites are still NeNe and DeShawn. NeNe is real. She may not be a "sophisticated" as the others think they are, but she is at least real. And I dig how she has the guts to say what she really feels. I have the feeling she is the one who would be the most fun to have as a real-life friend. You know, the one who'd be there for you if you didn't have money or were dealing with some mess. And the one who would just be a blast to hang out with. Plus, if she doesn't do a damn thing else, she has the Twisted Hearts Foundation (even though I couldn't find a site for the foundation).

DeShawn seems to have a naturally sweet nature. She and her family were blessed financially & she acknowledges that. (I do think she is a little enchanted with having a "chef" (who calls her Mrs. Snow. Get down, girl) and an estate manager, but I'm not going to lie, I'd have them if I could afford it!) At least she isn't a snot about it. AND the biggest thing I like about her: she seems to be so truly in love with her man. I don't get the feeling that I do for the other wives that she is just there for the money. That's some real love going on there.

Speaking of "iffy" love, that Lisa chick... Wellllllll I don't know if she is really down for her man or not. I mean, I do think that it's no hardship to be into him while he's set, but did you notice her little slip-up when they were talking about the possibility of him being badly injured? I think she said something about not wanting to be wheeling him around in a wheelchair.... Whoa. What happened to the "for better or worse," "in sickness and in health" part of marriage? (She backed it up really quick & said that she would be there for him, of course... but that was a clean-up job.) Another thing about Lisa: she has the cunning look and attitude of someone playing whatever role she needs to play to get by. You know, right now she is the cute, sweet, giggly, loving wife to Ed, but if she needs to, she could change masks and be something else. (What's that saying she has? "If it doesn't make me money, I don't do it"? Does that include relationships???)

Kim. Oh, what can I say about Kim??? When I was reading up on the Housewives yesterday, I learned that she gives her age as 29. Dang. Not that she is ugly or anything, but I don't know that I would have pegged her at being under 30. Actually, I think she is cute. She dresses horribly cheap, but she is attractive. And I do think that she is sincerely a loving mother. But... What's with her and this Big Poppa mess. I guess she's only been with him for less than a year, yet she's known NeNe for 3 years... Where does her money come from? Were she and NeNe dancers together? Isn't gold-digging a little shaky as a profession? I mean, what do you do between rich boyfriends??? (Maybe that's why she loves diamonds. She could probably finance a good lifestyle off the jewels while she scouts out another provider...)

Now I have to scope out more info on the dudes on the show (not the hubbys, but the gay guy friends!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Real Housewives?

Okay. It's official: I am hooked on the Real Housewives shows. I'm embarrassed about it, but I am hooked.

My one problem with the show is the idea of anything be "real" (as in everyday real and ordinary) about these women. If you want "real," do a show about the women (and men) who are balancing a tougher budget than any government, using prayer as their main healthcare plan and trying to keep a relationship alive under all that stress. That's real. Shopping for Gucci, Ucci and Whoever-else-ii is not as common as shopping at WalMart, Target and Susie's Deals.

OK. My rant is over & I have to say I love the show as a diversion from real life. I'm impressed
at the diversity of it all. Ignorance is equal opp. Black, white, bi-racial - it doesn't matter. Give some people money and they get all caught up. It's all about big boobs, good weaves and hot wheels.

I watched the one with the ladies from Orange County. That was just so-so for me. I saw the same women in my everyday life when I was working in Arizona. The fake boobs, the "me" obsession... It was too familiar.

Then came the ladies from NYC. Inter-esting! I liked watching people being so classy-trashy that they would pimp out their lives on a television show. I mean, come on - the duchess or whatever... How secure is she that she needs to feel big by showing all the common folk how she lives? (My fave scene with her was when she got miffed about being introduced to the help by her first name.)

And now, just like I knew it would be, here are the ladies of Atlanta. Lord have mercy... I think the one I admire most in the group is Nene. At least she is real. Not that the other ladies aren't just something else, but I get the feeling that these are a bunch of little girls playing with big money. The weaves, the showy talk about needing nannies and estate managers... You just cannot give some people money and expect them to act right. My fave quote: "I don't keep up with the Joneses, I AM the Joneses!" (And that makes you proud because...why?)

Here's what I wonder about all these people: are they more proud of the work they do to make the money, or are they just proud of the money?

On the very positive side, the ladies do seem to try to do a lot of good with their money. They all seem to try to "give back" and help out with their foundations and charities. I LOVE Nene's work with helping women. How cool is that? And I like that Lisa and Sheree seem to be doing their thing as businesswomen. (Kim... Well, I don't know what's up with her and the whole "Big Poppa" thing. Sounds like a Suga-Daddy situation there & does he feel used or what? Or just like he's getting his money's worth?)

And is it just me or is Dwight probably embarrassing to other gay people with his Steppin Fetchit gayness? (Yet & still, I find him soooo amusing.)

Anyway... I can't wait to see the reunion show for the Atlanta ladies.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sarah Came Marching Back

Mudflats had me crying with their account of Palin's return to Alaska. Poor Mudflats was there in the freezing cold & it had to be worth it for the one giggle over what would happen if she'd started up the "O-ba-ma" chant. You have to take a look at the pics.

Thinking About Today

Here are snatches of some thoughts and conversations I've had since the announcement of Obama as President Elect:

  • Black people are really going to need to step up their game. Finally, the world is going to have higher expectations for us. And that's a wonderful, beautiful thing.
  • Obama is not the Messiah. He is not going to be able to wave a wand and solve every problem right now. Or even soon.
  • I hear people saying how not young minorities can look to Barack Obama and say "I can grow up to be President." He's the first black president & he did it without one before him. We need to teach our children and ourselves to strive to be "the first" in all areas that they want to reach for.
  • There is going to be some payback in the workplace for some of us. Until people's feeling, emotions, tempers - whatever - calm down, things will be a little touchy sometimes.
  • There have been many successful minorities in various walks of life, but for whatever reason, they have not been as visible to our young people. Well, you can't ignore or hide away the President of the United States.
  • When people who didn't vote for the new president get over their disappointment, many of them are going to come around to the idea of being as hopeful as the rest of us. If Obama messes around and cleans up some of this mess we've made of the economy, all those disappointed Republicans will be knocking the rest of us down getting to the polls to vote for him next time.
  • I do feel bad for Mr. McCain. To work so hard for something and lose it. Because of his age, this was probably the last shot for him to run this way. No one likes defeat. And to have the campaign fall apart the way it has. To have people you thought were your friends turn out not to be. To have ridden that high and worked that hard for so long. I just can't imagine what the morning after felt like. Maybe he's glad. Hopefully he is resting. Maybe he will put his energy and abilities into doing what he can to help the new Prez.
  • Sarah Palin. Well. This has got to be tough for her too. I wonder what has gone through her mind in the past week or so. I wonder what coming down off of that high feels like. Wonder what thoughts she has when she lays down to go to sleep at night.
  • If Mr. Obama runs the White House the way he ran his campaign, we're in good hands.
  • Even though nothing has changed yet. Even though the new prez isn't even sitting in the Office yet, I already feel a personal sense of hope that things will get better. I don't feel so much anxiety about "what now?"
  • I wonder what Mr. Bush is feeling. I wonder what anyone about to leave the Job feels.
  • What is going on in Hillary Clinton's head? Bill's? Will Hillary run again. Will she be a friend to Obama?
  • Wonder what kind of puppy the Obama girls are going to get? (And who gets to clean up behind a puppy in the White House?)
  • I saw Jesse Jackson on the night of the election (well, not in person!) and I watched as he cried. I can't imagine what went through his mind. Hope? Joy? Envy? A feeling that if he'd just been born in a different time? I kind of imagine that he was just proud and wistful.
I had lots more thoughts and conversations, but it's all too overwhelming to continue.

Next post, I'm going to get back to a website roundup.

Peace (& hope & change)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finally...It Starts

Well. I guess today is the day.

I didn't post for several days on the election because I was just sick to death of the whole thing, but now, here we go, huh?

Interesting what this race has done to people. Yesterday, someone I know was upset with a person she works for. She sent me a text: "I believe L___ is racist from some of the stuff she is saying about Obama." Hmmm. The person she was talking about is someone she always liked before. I guess certain subjects never came up before this election...

I've heard other stories (and have some of my own) about surprising undertones of racism and class-ism and sexism coming out between people because of this particular election. I was really shocked when one friend of mine kept making little comments about the election. She would never come out and say that she doesn't want a Black president, but the things she did say made me feel that she was on that track. And the saddest thing is: I don't think that she even admits to herself that she's against Obama because he's Black. I don't think she wants to admit that to herself, but... Just so many things make you stop and think and really re-examine what's REALLY going on.

Just imagine what some of our personal relationships are going to be like TOMORROW. I know that some of my relationships with friends and acquaintances are going to be tense. I know that, for years to come, things are going to feel a little... weird for all of us.

Well. Back to CNN and MSNBC. I'm going to be watching the returns like a hound dog. I need to know which game face to put on tomorrow. I mean, am I going to be happy or depressed tomorrow? Am I going to be feeling like we may finally be "overcoming," or am I going to feel like we still have come a long enough way? AND... how am I supposed to behave if Obama wins? I mean, I'm going to be happy (and, no, not just because a Black man is president, but also because I believe in his policies-to-be), but I need to be sensitive to the feelings of the other side (ha!)

See you in the morning, morning.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

I Can't Help Myself. Palin Gets Pranked!

I swore this all off until after the election, but Mudflats has me just ROTFL with this one!

Oh, stop it! My sides are just hurting from all the laughing!!!