Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finally...It Starts

Well. I guess today is the day.

I didn't post for several days on the election because I was just sick to death of the whole thing, but now, here we go, huh?

Interesting what this race has done to people. Yesterday, someone I know was upset with a person she works for. She sent me a text: "I believe L___ is racist from some of the stuff she is saying about Obama." Hmmm. The person she was talking about is someone she always liked before. I guess certain subjects never came up before this election...

I've heard other stories (and have some of my own) about surprising undertones of racism and class-ism and sexism coming out between people because of this particular election. I was really shocked when one friend of mine kept making little comments about the election. She would never come out and say that she doesn't want a Black president, but the things she did say made me feel that she was on that track. And the saddest thing is: I don't think that she even admits to herself that she's against Obama because he's Black. I don't think she wants to admit that to herself, but... Just so many things make you stop and think and really re-examine what's REALLY going on.

Just imagine what some of our personal relationships are going to be like TOMORROW. I know that some of my relationships with friends and acquaintances are going to be tense. I know that, for years to come, things are going to feel a little... weird for all of us.

Well. Back to CNN and MSNBC. I'm going to be watching the returns like a hound dog. I need to know which game face to put on tomorrow. I mean, am I going to be happy or depressed tomorrow? Am I going to be feeling like we may finally be "overcoming," or am I going to feel like we still have come a long enough way? AND... how am I supposed to behave if Obama wins? I mean, I'm going to be happy (and, no, not just because a Black man is president, but also because I believe in his policies-to-be), but I need to be sensitive to the feelings of the other side (ha!)

See you in the morning, morning.