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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Real Housewives?

Okay. It's official: I am hooked on the Real Housewives shows. I'm embarrassed about it, but I am hooked.

My one problem with the show is the idea of anything be "real" (as in everyday real and ordinary) about these women. If you want "real," do a show about the women (and men) who are balancing a tougher budget than any government, using prayer as their main healthcare plan and trying to keep a relationship alive under all that stress. That's real. Shopping for Gucci, Ucci and Whoever-else-ii is not as common as shopping at WalMart, Target and Susie's Deals.

OK. My rant is over & I have to say I love the show as a diversion from real life. I'm impressed
at the diversity of it all. Ignorance is equal opp. Black, white, bi-racial - it doesn't matter. Give some people money and they get all caught up. It's all about big boobs, good weaves and hot wheels.

I watched the one with the ladies from Orange County. That was just so-so for me. I saw the same women in my everyday life when I was working in Arizona. The fake boobs, the "me" obsession... It was too familiar.

Then came the ladies from NYC. Inter-esting! I liked watching people being so classy-trashy that they would pimp out their lives on a television show. I mean, come on - the duchess or whatever... How secure is she that she needs to feel big by showing all the common folk how she lives? (My fave scene with her was when she got miffed about being introduced to the help by her first name.)

And now, just like I knew it would be, here are the ladies of Atlanta. Lord have mercy... I think the one I admire most in the group is Nene. At least she is real. Not that the other ladies aren't just something else, but I get the feeling that these are a bunch of little girls playing with big money. The weaves, the showy talk about needing nannies and estate managers... You just cannot give some people money and expect them to act right. My fave quote: "I don't keep up with the Joneses, I AM the Joneses!" (And that makes you proud because...why?)

Here's what I wonder about all these people: are they more proud of the work they do to make the money, or are they just proud of the money?

On the very positive side, the ladies do seem to try to do a lot of good with their money. They all seem to try to "give back" and help out with their foundations and charities. I LOVE Nene's work with helping women. How cool is that? And I like that Lisa and Sheree seem to be doing their thing as businesswomen. (Kim... Well, I don't know what's up with her and the whole "Big Poppa" thing. Sounds like a Suga-Daddy situation there & does he feel used or what? Or just like he's getting his money's worth?)

And is it just me or is Dwight probably embarrassing to other gay people with his Steppin Fetchit gayness? (Yet & still, I find him soooo amusing.)

Anyway... I can't wait to see the reunion show for the Atlanta ladies.