Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Housewives? Yes Again!

I was pretty amazed yesterday to read up on the Atlanta Housewives. Wow, I mean, Lisa threatening to kill Kim. And Kim with her secret, possibly married boyfriend "Big Poppa." And NeNe might have been a "dancer." Mercy.

I have to tell you that my least favorite of the wives is that damn Sheree. Girlfriend thinks her sh*t don't stink. And while she is not ugly, it kills me that she thinks she is so beautiful. Maybe if her attitude was better... Notice how she is always doing that thing of pushing her hair back with her finger? She's always posing. (And when she makes nasty comments about NeNe not being attractive, I want to fall over. NeNe looks better than her hook-nosed behind does!)

My favorites are still NeNe and DeShawn. NeNe is real. She may not be a "sophisticated" as the others think they are, but she is at least real. And I dig how she has the guts to say what she really feels. I have the feeling she is the one who would be the most fun to have as a real-life friend. You know, the one who'd be there for you if you didn't have money or were dealing with some mess. And the one who would just be a blast to hang out with. Plus, if she doesn't do a damn thing else, she has the Twisted Hearts Foundation (even though I couldn't find a site for the foundation).

DeShawn seems to have a naturally sweet nature. She and her family were blessed financially & she acknowledges that. (I do think she is a little enchanted with having a "chef" (who calls her Mrs. Snow. Get down, girl) and an estate manager, but I'm not going to lie, I'd have them if I could afford it!) At least she isn't a snot about it. AND the biggest thing I like about her: she seems to be so truly in love with her man. I don't get the feeling that I do for the other wives that she is just there for the money. That's some real love going on there.

Speaking of "iffy" love, that Lisa chick... Wellllllll I don't know if she is really down for her man or not. I mean, I do think that it's no hardship to be into him while he's set, but did you notice her little slip-up when they were talking about the possibility of him being badly injured? I think she said something about not wanting to be wheeling him around in a wheelchair.... Whoa. What happened to the "for better or worse," "in sickness and in health" part of marriage? (She backed it up really quick & said that she would be there for him, of course... but that was a clean-up job.) Another thing about Lisa: she has the cunning look and attitude of someone playing whatever role she needs to play to get by. You know, right now she is the cute, sweet, giggly, loving wife to Ed, but if she needs to, she could change masks and be something else. (What's that saying she has? "If it doesn't make me money, I don't do it"? Does that include relationships???)

Kim. Oh, what can I say about Kim??? When I was reading up on the Housewives yesterday, I learned that she gives her age as 29. Dang. Not that she is ugly or anything, but I don't know that I would have pegged her at being under 30. Actually, I think she is cute. She dresses horribly cheap, but she is attractive. And I do think that she is sincerely a loving mother. But... What's with her and this Big Poppa mess. I guess she's only been with him for less than a year, yet she's known NeNe for 3 years... Where does her money come from? Were she and NeNe dancers together? Isn't gold-digging a little shaky as a profession? I mean, what do you do between rich boyfriends??? (Maybe that's why she loves diamonds. She could probably finance a good lifestyle off the jewels while she scouts out another provider...)

Now I have to scope out more info on the dudes on the show (not the hubbys, but the gay guy friends!)