Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Thinking...

I am thinking:
  • About things (or people/situations) I cannot (or don't want or have the energy to) change and/or fix. I give up on them.
  • About things that popped into my head today: "Lying as fast as his lips can move." Love hurts, but it doesn't have to." "I want some Lay's potato chips. Plain. The BIG bag. And a Dr. Pepper to wash them down with." (Or should that be: "With which to wash them down" ?)
  • That for the past few years, I've been a nomad. Thinking of getting a t-shirt with NOMAD on front and pic of me on back.
  • That Halle Berry has worse luck with men than I do. (And she's rich & gorgeous, smart & funny. I got the smart & funny part down. I might be rich after the lottery drawing. Doing all right on the looks, but not at the "gorgeous" level. I'm probably better at cooking.) I like what I see of Halle. She doesn't seem like a "fake" person. I wish we were friends so we could sit around with some junk food and dish shit on the guys we've suffered through. We could invite Sandra Bullock. That's my other friend-in-the-head. Bet we three could all make each other laugh about our messed up situations. Damn, this is starting to sound like a great idea.
  • That the Arizona situation is some kind of messed up. What next? They going to start making women stay home during their menstrual periods? You know, we do get a little moody around that time. Plus I'm sure we put a strain on the chocolate and 'tato chip supply when it happens. (And, BTW, just when the hell is my menopause gonna hit? I'm sick of the whole monthly interruption of my life!)
  • That today was a beautiful day. It was a little breezy & overcast, but I really dig watching the trees sway in the wind. And I love the smell of fresh-mown grass. Smells like watermelons. Or a promise from God that things really are gonna be all right.
  • That I don't know why I love my man so when he causes me nothing but stress and heartache. (Or maybe something is wrong with me and that's why I love him so.) Why didn't I fall in love with someone else?!?!?!?
  • That if I die right now, I'll never have flown a kite. Or learned how to swim. Or gotten that damn Samsung Impression I want... (Come to think of it, I want a smartphone. Just to say I have one. Things you don't have always seem way cooler than the things you do have. And isn't that such a human & stupid way to think?)
  • That I want to kiss Keanu Reeves just once in my life. (Dang. Thinking of Sandra Bullock, must have put that man on my brain.)
  • That my niece Danielle is 13 today. I'm so happy for her. I'm going to need to tell her to enjoy being 13 because it's the very beginning of so much & yet the very end of so much more. (Don't think I will tell her any of that. It's a little depressing.)
  • That if I were in Anchorage, I'd be walking around with a sweater on. Here in North Richland Hills, I'm sitting under a ceiling fan. I'm feeling a little bit Hank Hill-ish. Maybe I need to get a beer and go stand out on my Auntie's driveway. (No alley here.)
  • That I need to get back to wearing high heeled shoes and earrings. And bracelets - LOTS of those pretty, thin silver ones that I always had so many of. (What the heck happened to all of them anyway? I don't even know where I've lost and scattered stuff while I've been nomad-ing it these past few years...)
  • That I will be 49 in June & I'm living like I'm 25. WTH????? Am I counting it wrong, or isn't 49 just 1 take-away from 50? I'm gonna have to start lying about my age now.
  • That I won't be drinking any more of that Dutch red wine with chocolate in it. That's not really wine - that's Jack Daniels wearing a disguise. I had a glass of that & watched an episode of Paranormal State & dreamed that Granny from "The Beverly Hillbillies" was haunting me.
  • That I really need a new cell phone. Hmmm... 
Tired of thinking now. I'm going to go on over to  the AT&T site and see what's what. There's gotta be something FREE, cute and functional. That will let me keep my same cheap-o plan. And that will come in a not-ugly color or shape. That will-

Never mind. Y'all just keep praying for me. I'm feeling so out of sorts and lost these days.