Monday, June 07, 2010

Randomly Me

I like:
  • warm not cold
  • funny words and sounds 
  • giggle-worthy moments even when I don't know what made them giggle-worthy
  • guy friends who can be friends without needing to be anything else
  • girl friends who know how to be okay with me whether I am ready to laugh or cry
  • my sister being my best friend
  • my family being who they are to me
  • when clouds make interesting shapes against a really blue sky
  • thunderstorms when I am cuddled up snug in bed
  • dancing and dancing and dancing
  • high-heeled shoes that make me feel tall and striking
  • a really good lip gloss (cause it makes me feel girly!)
  • my favorite silly tv shows all lined up to watch when I don't want to have serious thoughts
  • good home food (chicken and stews and fresh cornbread)
  • good fast food (burgers and fries and shakes)
  • knowing where I am & how to get where I want to go
  • looking at the mountains
  • that big relief I feel when something I was worried about turns out okay
  • knowing that, no matter what, I have some people who genuinely love and care about me
  • feeling 20 when I am almost 50
  • chewing crushed ice pieces (don't ask)
  • my puppy, Rags, when she is looking at me like I'm the greatest
  • solitude when I need it
  • noise when I need it
  • fresh pancakes with a cold glass of milk
  • those chicken wings from Walmart with some bleu cheese dressing
  • a really (scary) book - because I know it's just fiction!
  • Getting really still and quiet & knowing that God hears me