Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nic-free (or trying to be!)

Here I go.... Gonna try kicking this nasty old smoking habit of mine. 

I quit once before, but I want this to be a lifetime quit (as in, adding time to my life!), and I kinda wanted to do it before I hit the 5-0 mark next year.

Here's the thing: I picked possibly the WORST time ever to quit. Right when I have all the stress in the world going on in my body. I am job hunting, trying to self-study for the SPHR cert., and I just have the usual insane, unconventional, God-is-the-only-One-in-control life!!! LOL

But. I am really going to give this a shot. Right now I am using the patch. Of course, I got the wrong ones (7mg instead of 14), so I am wearing TWO of these bad boys until I can replenish the supply... 

It's been around 12 years since I tried quitting. Now that I am on the wagon again, I am remembering some of the symptoms I have & it's so not fun. I get incredibly thirsty - for juice and tea more than for soda - and I want to keep something intense on my tastebuds. One of my niece's hit Walmart with me & I picked up some sparkling tea, Fuze, Jello and yogurt. And, oh yeah, gum. I will need lots and lots of gum. 

Other than having a case of the weirdo snackies, I also have this strange headache. It's one of those headaches you get when you have been sleeping hard and wake up just parched. Know what I mean? Well, that's the kind I have, except I didn't have to sleep to get it. It's just there, like a nagging irritation that just won't go away.

Am I cranky? Ummm... maybe a little bit. I have been just trying to keep the cranky parts to myself. Mostly, I feel a little on edge and tense. Hopefully these symptoms will only hang around briefly. I am worried about it affecting my ability to concentrate and study.  Oh boy.

I went ahead and installed this really cool app on my phone. It's called Smoker Statistics. I am giving them a shout out here because they have a Blogger blog & I think the app is amazing. (Hi there!!!) Very, very cool & motivational as heck. You plug in some info about your habit, cost, quit date, etc., and it will track progress. Reminds you (in hours/minutes) how long you've been quit for, what you've saved and even general info on the effects on your body. If you like, you can even tweet your stats. 

Now that I am kicking the habit, I am really glad that I bought that peppermint oil the other week. I had gotten it for a sore tooth, but that's all better & now I can use the oil to help with these headaches and concentration.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys the fact that I am trying to quit the habit. Keep me in your prayers & if I am ever cranky with any of you, PLEASE let me know. Just tell me to jack the attitude down a notch! LOL

Next post: All about some self-ed info I found this week, AND some links to free tv and such.


P.S.: Here are a couple of vids for encouragement in case you are trying to quit. I notice that there is a lot of confusing information between all the brochures/vids, etc that I've checked out... BUT, basically, the information is generally good news. At any rate, no smoker smokes because they think it's GOOD for them. It's just a tough habit...

This vid is very motivating...

This one, well, it's a little "dry," but ..