Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I watched this video the other day over at an excellent site called Top Documentary Films. (If you like the site as much as I do, subscribe to their feed, look them up on Twitter and Facebook and, if you can, support them!) I am using Google Video to do the embed here, so you can also check that out. 

Before you watch try to think of what your own ideas are about the subject of infinity. After I watched the video, I did some thinking of my own.

I am no mathematician (truth be told, I am struggling recently with a set of high school maths I'm doing remedial study in!) BUT - on the subject of infinity:

Infinity - if defined/illustrated by a circle- and if lines within that circle represent further infinity, then you cannot limit infinity in any way (which I thought was the point everyone assumed before I watched the video).

I guess because scientists are always expanding on theories, some of them got to the point where they decided infinity just might be limited (not infinite?) after all. Simple as I am, I still hold that infinity is infinite.

Imagine the circle I mentioned, filled with lines until there is (to us) more more room to add lines. That would mean (I am guessing) to people that infinity is limited. In my way of thinking, though, I see that even with the circle virtually blacked out with lines, infinity is not affected. We cannot limit the fine-ness of whatever instrument is used to add more lines to our circle.

Because we (mortals) are limited by the idea of the instrument that could add more lines to the circle, we have trouble imagining (or acknowledging) such an instrument.

As a Christian with a firm belief in God as the Creator of all things, I don't think I want to torture myself trying to imagine the instrument used to add more lines.  God is not limited by our limitation to understand, visualize or acknowledge. The whole idea of infinity, to me, is: God is not limited. God is infinity.

That's just me, though. Like I said, I'm no scholar. I hope you get something out of the video.

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