Saturday, September 04, 2010

Let Me Tell You How Good God Is

I feel like I need to testify!

Just a week ago, I was feeling as if my whole world was closing in on me. I was in SUCH despair. If it were not for my faith in God, I would have committed suicide. (Satan was whispering it to me a lot!)

Finally, I just threw up my hands and cried out to God.

Without going into details here (yet), I can tell you that God answered my prayers and moved a big old mountain out of my way. He not only moved the mountain, He picked me up and carried me past where it had been. One day soon, I will go into detail. For now, I am just thanking and praising the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

You can laugh, scoff, call me gullible - I don't care. I can tell you this:

I serve an awesome, mighty, loving Father God!!!