Saturday, December 11, 2010

Watching the Asphalt Grow

I haven't been over here for a good minute or two. That's because it's winter and as I've said over & over, I don't do well in winter. I go to work, come home and sleep. On weekends, I hit Walmart or Target just to get out of the house & spend time with the fam. Other than that, I just hibernate and pray for Spring and Summer.

I guess I am only posting today to do a catch-up of the very little that's been happening in the life of Free. So, let's do a quickie rundown...
  • Got the job - thank You, God - and it's going all right. Still lots to learn and get ingrained into my habits.
  • Made a new buddy at the job. Cool lady, lots of lunchtime laughs and girl-talk.
  • Collecting up stuff for when I get a place of my own - which I am having to save up for. Hit the after-Thanksgiving sales and really cleaned up on kitchen stuff and even got a little flat-screen television. Yay.
  • Haven't written a thing lately, creative-wise. Starting to feel (for the first time) that I am through with writing anything major. That's kind of okay with me, but kind of not... *shrug*
  • Thinking a lot about my mother and father lately. Makes me a little blue. Makes me think a lot of Heaven.
That's pretty much it, except: did I mention how I cannot WAIT for this snow and cold to be g.o.n.e.? LOL

Wishing everyone to have a wonderful Christmas. Here's hoping for a really bright and amazing New Year. Maybe I will be posting again before all that, but who knows?