Friday, December 31, 2010

Warning: Life Under Maintenance


I had thought of doing New Year resolutions, then I thought, why set myself up for failure? You don't have to wait for the beginning of a year to set goals, make resolutions, right?


So, instead of reaching for the impossible, I have decided to go for the do-able:

  • Gonna try a new look for the physical me.
  • Gonna get my body looked after - check out the flesh & blood machine with a physical
  • Gonna get the mind taken care of. Been having anxiety attacks and bouts of the "the blues."
  • Getting the spiritual me shaped up. Having a lot more talks with the Lord, putting my trust in Him to get me through all the time He's giving me here on this crazy planet.
  • Going to appreciate life moment-to-moment.
I think all of that is within reach. I am, after all, turning 50 this coming year. I want to enjoy more of life rather than just get through it.

Since the haircut is the first step, I will try to promise to post pics as soon as it's done. (Unless it turns out a hot mess - then I will post pics of the remedy: a wig, weave or really cute hats! LOL)

To the memories of those who are not here with us this year: I hope you are at rest and at peace for all eternity. (Mom, Dad & the Grands - I still miss you all so much!)

For the rest of you, I wish for peace in your hearts, minds and souls; love that you can use; pursuits you can thrive in; and mostly spiritual calm and fulfillment. God bless all His little children.

Raise your hearts and hopes to a great Year  2011