Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Back In Shape

Sooo... I am on this "diet." LOL

After going from 145 pounds in July up to 185 now, my doctors have lowered the dose of steroids they have me taking. Maybe now I can start losing some of this weight I've put on. Not for vanity sake, but just so that I can get around better, feel more comfortable and, hopefully, get rid of the awful backaches I've been having. My little old frame just was not built to carry this much flesh!

I'm not really doing a specific diet, just keeping things to moderate levels. My main intake consists of cereals, oatmeal and yogurt. Oh, and coffee!

The yogurt has been the easiest to adjust to. I just take some plain Greek yogurt and mix in a little bit of some flavored yogurt. I can eat that several times a day, no problem. Oatmeal I also love, but it gets a little boring.

I'm really hoping that the pounds will come off now that the steroids are lowered. Man - I cannot even remember the days when I struggled to keep 120 pounds on myself! The days of sizes 0, 2 and 4 are LONG gone. I had to break down and get a pair of jeans the other day and I ended up with a size 14... The only thing loose are the legs of them.

But I am thankful. I am still here, not felled by this disease or some worse one. I am still able to voice my prayers to God, still able to see His holy Word, and still able to jump and shout in joy.

When I get past a lot of the physical stuff, I guess I will update the picture I use for my online presence. That one I have up is almost 8 years old, I think!

Keep me in your prayers, all.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, February 06, 2006

February 6, 2006.

That was when I first started this blog. My FIRST blog. My very first post was "Introducing Free Being Free." I was about to leave Alaska and move to Arizona. My life was a scrambled puzzle and I was using the blog for comfort, advice, attention... Whatever.

I was such a different person then. Calling myself a Christian but not living like one. Lonely but not wanting to seek the right things in my life. I could have been settled, but I wasn't content.

If I could go back and do things differently, I would still have sold the house my sister and I owned, but I would not have gone to Arizona. I would not have ended up mixing family with business.  I would not have gotten married again.

Woulda, shoulda, coulda...

But who knows - my life might have been better as far as material things, but I might not have come this far in my walk with Christ. I think I needed the bad times and the heartache to get here. I needed to fall to my knees to call out to God. If that's it, then it's all been worth it.

I have to tell you, I thought about deleting some of the more revealing posts. I didn't like looking back at some parts of what I've gone through. Wanted to cover up a lot of the "old" me so that it wouldn't reflect badly on the reborn me. But, no. It's out there and maybe it needs to be. Maybe someone who is going through their own changes will be able to relate to it and use it to see what Christ can do to transform a life. Forgive me for the foul language and the worldly attitude of that "old" me.

So, still here. I am truly Free and I thank God for that.


Update on Newest Blog

Have finally come up with a name I like for the newest blog: Friend or Faux.

Feel free to check it out, but only if you really want to think about your Christian walk.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What Is Your Joy Based On?

(Wrote this on my phone the other day in the middle of waiting for a doctors' appointment. It was on my mind because of how I see so many people feign joy.)

Don't use what makes you happy to make someone else sad.

I know people who can never be happy unless they compare their joy with a negative in someone else's situation. If they get a new toy, it's not just a good toy, it's better than so-and-so's. If they accompliish something positive it's because they were smarter than someone else...

You know the type, maybe. They are ecstatic about some good fortune of theirs until they can't beat someone else over the head with it. You can almost see them deflate, their joy seeping out of them...

And it's not that their toy isn't better or that they weren't smarter - it's that their joy probably wouldn't exist without someone else's lack of joy. What kind of pleasure is that?

Joy should be, I think, a completely positive thing. If your joy is based on comparisms to what someone else is or has, then REAL joy will forever be out of your reach.

Only someone who is, at their inner self, unhappy needs this - call it Competition Joy or Showoff Joy. What will happen to them when others have more than them? Will they be able to find joy in their lives when they have no one else's situation to look down over?

No, joy should be what it is: just joy for itself. Joy in your best times and in your worst times. God-given and pure.

We should never focus on someone else's misfortune in order to see our own joy. My being able to fill my home with roses is nice, but not if I use it to point out the stink in someone else's home.

Just saying.


Sunday, October 09, 2011

Man Worship?

When Steve Jobs died the other day, I wasn't too surprised at all the news and comments. He was kind of a big deal.

I was surprised when the news and comments kept going and going.

People on social networking sites were admitting to being depressed and "devastated" by the loss of this man. Someone on my twitter line spoke of going out "right now" to buy a black turtleneck. In spite of someone having died, I almost had to laugh at the silliness of it.

We saw this same thing with Michael Jackson. I'm sure we'll see it again when another "star" of the world passes. Just like with Michael Jackson, I was disturbed by the way so many people were reacting about the death of someone they don't personally know - other than his products. I hope that since so many people admired him, the Christians in that crowd had prayed for him all along to be saved.

What really got me was how many Christian people seemed to be in deep grieving. I see where pastors and other church leaders had to chime in and talk about his innovation and genius and contributions to society. Of the Christians, I didn't see where many brought up the fact that they hoped he died in salvation. (The man was a Buddhist, not a Christian.) I didn't hear a cry of hope that he had, at the last minute, accepted Christ. But I heard plenty about his "genius" and ability to anticipate tech needs...


But just a thought: if a man like Steve Jobs - who, as it seems to be, was a very smart man but maybe not the nicest - could be worshiped like this, what would it take for us to worship anyone?

Maybe it's just me, but I have to wonder if the Antichrist came along, would we be so easily impressed? I mean, let him invent something better than the i-products and we'd probably fall down in a stupor of gratitude.

Yeah, I know, I'm being a little simplistic, but...

Watch yourselves, people. Don't be so quick to be blinded by the outer of a person that you don't pay attention to the inner.

By the way, out of all the accolades heaped upon Steve Jobs, I found this one article (so far) that takes a closer look at the man and the company. (And, yes, I can tell that the author is peeved that Jobs products provided a lockout on a lot of lascivious material - which I applaud!)


Saturday, October 08, 2011

I Don't Like Change!

I've said it before and I'll probably say again the next time something happens:


I have someone in my family who just got a great opportunity to grow and spread her wings, so to speak. The only problem is: she has to leave the state to pursue this.


As you can tell, I am being so very mature about the whole thing. I can't help it. I don't like being apart from family - not even when they tap dance on my very last good nerve. I like having them around and close by.

I think I got this trait from my mother. She liked having her brood all around her. We always had big, full homes and holidays. When a crisis hit, we were mostly close by to all pull together. Good time and bad times, I remember lots of food, lots of family and just lots of love (or something like it).


I just had to get that off my chest. Matter of fact, I am procrastinating. I'm supposed to be over at this relative's house right now to help her get packed up for the move. Um, yeah. I'll get over there in a minute... LOL

So, change.

I'll go along with it (I have no choice), but I won't like it.


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Not Here, Over There


I am trying to direct more attention to my other blog right now. It is still very new, but has lots of posts already. It's links to news stories with my commentary (and yours, if you want). I know that it would get more attention if it was about sex, drugs or rock and roll, but it's not. The blog is focused on the daily life of Christians living in and impacted by the world.

Check it out and spread the word. (I will continue posting here on Being Free also.)