Thursday, October 11, 2012

Never Gonna Grow Up

My little brother really gets me. By that, I mean, he is the one person who best understands me. Strange brew.

We were talking on the phone the other day and he could hear my music playing in the background.

"You know why I love you, sis? Because you are the youngest old woman I know. And one of the strangest."

Well, damn. I could take that a lot of ways, huh?

Of my four best friends in this world (family excluded), only one of us always acts her age. The rest of us are stuck somewhere between having survived adulthood and making the rest of life as fun as we can. I can be good, bad, happy or sad. I can be old if I ever need to be and young when I want to be. After the hell my life was a few years ago, I have learned to be what I want to be at any given moment. I am a chameleon. God loves me just as I am so the rest of the world can just deal with it.

The BFF I am now living with is as crazy as I am. Wherever we go, we tend to meet people who notice us because we have fun. (I only hope that some of our laughter and love rubs off on them.) We can make a trip to Walmart look like a vacation. A local Village Inn is our hangout, but I am pretty sure that we should be getting paid as on-site entertainment. The other day, a really boring couple came in with their teen-aged kid. I swear, these people were having no conversation other than ordering their food. By the time my friend and I were getting ready to leave, the woman came over and gave us a hug because, "You guys seem to really enjoy life." (Maybe what she actually meant is that we are just too silly for words!)

I don't really care anymore what people think. Life is going to bring us enough worries, fears and tears; it's up to us to bring the joy.

By the way, what follows is the playlist of the CD my little brother overheard:

Yeah. Me and the BFF (in Alaska) sing along with all of these as we drive around.

It ain't right, but it's okay. Life is way too short.