Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday Randomness

Stayed up until 4:00 this morning (except it was really 3:00 because of time change) and was up at 8:00.


Feel half-stoned on fatigue, but wanted to post so... randomness:

  • My skin's been addicted to Bio Oil for years. I currently have 5 1/2 bottles of the stuff. Why? Because with my Sarc (I guess), every time I go to the store, I forget that I have some at home. At least it's cheaper at Sam's Club, but comes with a large and a small bottle. Damn. Lot of oil.
  • My fridge is full of fruit, Vanilla Soy milk, Vanilla Caramel coffee creamer and Fage yogurt. I'm trying to eat lighter now that one of the docs stepped down my prednisone. I am kind of ick of fruit at the moment.
  • Pissed at myself for watching hours of "Beverly Hills Nannies" last night. That was a sloppy mess, but roomie and I laughed until we ached. Lack of sleep makes me silly.
  • Feel stupid for watching hours of scary crap like "Paranormal Witness." (Not so stupid that I'm taking it off my Hulu "Favorites" list...)
  • Filched some of the roomie's perfume because of the cute bottle. That's some nice smelling fragrance & I'll be damned if I can't read the smeared label. Going to have to 'fess up so I can get some of my own.
  • Why did I never notice until a few days ago how absolutely smoking hot Eminem is? He seems very serious though.
  • Laughing my ass off at this video & not wanting to offend anyone for their voting choices: 

                                                                                       C'mon, admit it, that's just funny, no matter how you vote. (By the way: DO go vote!)

  • My roomie drives me crazy, not rinsing and putting her dishes in the dishwasher. We are incompatible as far as the "neat factor," but I love her like a sister. (If I didn't, I'd smother her in her sleep.)
  • The nephew D.J. is learning to walk with his little push-toy. He's still to learn that wood floors are trickier than carpet for those strolls of his. Still missing the kid.
  • Intrigued, fascinated, mesmerized by the Gwen & the band here:

The bass player is just killing it.

Okay. It's obvious that I am tired, so I'm going to stop the madness, make like I'm five years old and take a nap.


P.S.: For the voters out there, this is interesting, but please don't ask why I still read "Cracked."