Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Smoke and Snow

Winding up my first day on Chantix. Done with my first month of it really being winter. Hopefully, come spring, I will be smokefree, extra-pounds free and, please, oerish please, my Lord in Heaven, sweater-and-coat free!

I am making my New Year's wishes (not resolutions) early:

  • To be back to work before the end of 2013
  • To have mended any broken relationships
  • To cherish each moment that I am healthy & Sarc-free
  • To build on all the new friendships I am being blessed with everyday
  • To live every moment as if it is my last: taking chances, risking ego for joy
Those are the things I am working on. For today & quite a few tomorrows (God willing), I am going to finish whipping this apartment into shape.