Sunday, December 21, 2014

****REVIEW*** Living Natural's Yacon Syrup

Since Living Natural's Yacon Syrup is not the first that I have tried, I was able to compare flavor and texture. It is a great-tasting Yacon syrup though, which is good because I know that taste varies among different brands and producers. This one has a really rich texture and flavor that I enjoy. One of the other brand of Yacon syrups (which I also liked) was the texture of table syrup and had a very mild flavor. This one has a different look (slightly lighter in color and sort of grainy-looking, even though it doesn't feel grainy) and the molasses-like flavor was more distinctive. I like using this one when I want to add a richer flavor to my beverages (okay, coffee). I like it best in hot coffee than any other drink although I have used it in hot and cold teas.

Living Natural brand
compared to...
...The other brand I like
What I wonder, now that I have tried 3 different brands of Yacon syrup, is whether - brand to brand - they all have a difference in taste and texture. In general, like Yacon syrup for the benefits of using it instead of other sweeteners, but taste is important too. With the Living Natural brand Yacon syrup I have not been disappointed.

I had my sister try this one in her coffee and she actually liked it (even though she is a Splenda user). One of the reasons I think she did like this one more than the first syrup she tried with me (and that I really liked a lot) is because of the stronger flavoring.

There's a reason I want to get my friends and family to try Yacon syrup. Some of the benefits that I have heard of are:
  • Yacon root is a natural source of sweetener
  • In most cases, fewer in calories and more nutritious
  • Yacon syrup contains Fructooligosaccharide (or FOS)
  • There are indications that Yacon reduces blood glucose levels & weight loss
  • Has a good flavor & lacks the unpleasant after-taste of artificial sweeteners
When my sister first tried Yacon syrup, she commented that she "could get used to it". And getting used to anything new is the main thing. If, like my sister, you have used artificial products -or table sugar, honey, and/or other sweeteners - you will need to get used to Yacon syrup. 

A third brand of syrup I tried was not as much to my liking. It had too strong of a flavor (almost with a wine-like aftertaste) that some people might not mind. This Living Natural syrup is probably my favorite. Unlike some of the other sugar alternatives I've used, Yacon syrup has been easy to get used to though. I did have to learn how much to use and when to use it. For instance, I had been trying Yacon syrup for a while before I started using it regularly on my hot cereals. My sugar use is mainly in coffee, so that's where I started out. 

Now that I am used to the taste and coloring of the Yacon syrup, I wish there were more products made using it as the primary sweetener.


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