Tuesday, December 30, 2014

**REVIEW** Simple Health Yacon Syrup

This is not the first Yacon syrup that I've tried, and I will start off by saying that it's certainly not my favorite. It's a taste issue.

I love the benefits of Yacon syrup, so let's get to those first, as listed on the product description for Simple Health's Yacon Syrup:
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • non-GMO with no Fillers, no Binders and No Artificial Ingredients
  • No blood sugar spikes, as it is low GI and high in FOS, so it does not elevate blood sugar levels and helps regulate insulin levels. 
  • Diabetes friendly
  • Naturally boosts metabolism
  • Aid weight loss because it's very low in calories and reduces cravings
  • Reduces constipation and digestive distress
  • Yacon Syrup is high in soluble fiber, which will leave you feeling relieved, light and energized.
  • Increases immunity and brain function, decreases inflammation, as it is high in prebiotics, which help stimulate good bacteria in the gut, and it is also known to increase absorption of dietary minerals
  • Our Yacon Syrup is naturally grown and ethically sourced, with no added preservatives
If you only get half these results, that's worth giving Yacon syrup a try. My problem with this particular one is that it's just not as nicely flavored as others I've tried. There's not a bad flavor, but I picked up a distinctive tang or wine-like flavor that didn't compliment certain foods. Also, I didn't like it in my coffee - which is most important to me. The other syrups I used had a mellower flavor - more maple than wine - and mixed well with everything that I use honey or raw sugar on. With this one, I needed to use it on things that covered the syrup's flavor. I was able to use it in some oatmeal and that was a little better.

Because its taste is where I had issues with this one, let me say that I think it's a matter of preference. I had one person try this one against another Y. Syrup and they said they didn't detect much of a difference. All I can say is that I did. If I am going to use something consistently, I need to like it. I'm sorry to say that this is not one that I myself would prefer.

Since the new year is rushing toward us, using Yacon syrup might be one way to meet those health and weight-loss resolutions. I have recommended Yacon syrup to a family member who is having sugar issues, and I will continue using Y. syrup for my own health goals.

Simple Health has some recipes you can try and, if you aren't happy with the syrup, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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