Wednesday, June 24, 2015

**REVIEW UPDATE** Natural Lash Growth Enhancing Lash & Brow Serum

When I first tried Natural Lash to review it here, I was impressed by how easy it was to use. I had high hopes for improving my skimpy eyelashes and thinning eyebrows.

I promised to come back periodically and let you guys know how serum was working. I often forget to do that with some products, but... Wow. This is working so well at just Day 11* that I couldn't help but come back and do an update.

Not only is the length better, but the biggest results I'm seeing is with the thickness.

In this photo, I am wearing mascara, but not my fiber mascara which is made to add length and thickness. The reason I noticed the changes is because I did just throw on my regular mascara this morning for a quick run out to the mall. When I was putting the mascara on, I kept checking the bottle to see if I was using the right one.

Ignore the slight heat rash I have going on here...

I'm pretty excited about this because this product is working way above and beyond what I expected.
My lashes today (using the regular mascara) look like they did when I previously used my fiber extending mascara.

One other thing I wanted to update you on: when I said in the original post that the product was tinted a faint brown, I meant it. What I have noticed is that if you get it on your lashes, the second application will leave a fine coating. I first noticed this on my brows. To keep from having any noticeable flaking, I apply the product to my brows, then rub my finger across then to sort of massage it in. For my lashes, I'm just extra careful not to get any product on them, but adding mascara takes care of the problem.

For the results that I am seeing, I have to say that I am super-impressed. Plus, I still have so much product left. Keep in mind that I am doing 2 applications per day - on my lashes and brows.

So, there you have it. Of course, I will certainly be coming back for future updates.


* I started writing this post yesterday or the day before.