Wednesday, March 09, 2016

**REVIEW** New Essential Oil for Anxiety and Stress Relief

**Disclosure: I received the product discussed here in exchange for my fair and honest review via a Tomoson promotion.**

Let me start by saying that I almost passed on this review. As you know, I love essential oils, but I usually only try ones that are for something beauty-specific. This one, as you can see, is labelled as being for the relief of stress and  anxiety.


Now, I do have stress and I do have anxiety, but if this stunk, I'd keep all that and just take a Valium. LOL! Seriously, I do like the smell of this, but I will get back to that after I tell you about my little saga with the packaging.

UPS can be rough with a package. Apparently, someone dropped mine a couple of times, then fumbled and recovered before they kicked it home. I actually was pulling up to the house and had to wait to get in our driveway because the UPS van was blocking me. I saw him leave the box on our porch and, when he went back to the van and saw that I was waiting, he couldn't drive away fast enough. I figured out why...

The brown paper stuffing was coming out of the hole when I picked up the box. Luckily, everything inside was okay. Mostly. Another product was in a gallon jug and the plastic was beat up. The oil (which is in a glass bottle) was wrapped in a couple layers of plastic bubble so it was okay, thankfully!

Anyway, once I got over that and unwrapped the oil, I was really surprised at how beautiful the product was presented. It's Tranquility Essential Oils for Anxiety & Stress Relief from Phytopia.

It was actually even prettier, but I had to re-tie the silver lace string for the photo. (I wanted to make sure the glass inside had not been damaged by UPS). So I want to thank the Seller for not only securing the product so well, but also for the decorative way the sent the oil.

Now, on to the product itself - which is a 100% pure, natural, therapeutic grade oil blend

Like I said, I almost passed on this promotion because I was worried that a stress-relieving, anxiety-calming oil would be less than pleasantly fragrant. No worries there. The blend includes 2 of my favorites: vanilla and orange. Rose is, of course, also a very nice (soft) scent, but I had never smelled geranium oil before. Those 4 oils blend together very well. Very. So, yes, I really like the scent. I like it so much that I decided right off that, even if there were no other benefits, I would use this oil as a personal fragrance. I've done that with Sweet Orange and Vanilla/Grapefruit oils.

I'm not one that gets into a lot of new-age-y stuff, but I really do believe that oils and other natural based products are useful for mind and body health, healing and well-being. You already know that I believe in using such products in my hair and beauty routine. I want to summarize some of the benefits of these oils (separately) now:

  • Carrier oils used are Virgin Olive, Sunflower, Evening Primrose, and Jojoba. I like all of of those for their moisturizing and soothing properties. There's nothing there that I have a problem with using on my hair or skin.
  • Vanilla E.O. is, first of all, just a nice scent that almost anyone can like (if it's authentic and not too strong). I'm probably biased because a good vanilla is one of my fave scents. I find it very sexy as a fragrance on both males and femails. A lot of people might not have heard that Vanilla is good for promoting hair growth. I recently heard that it's also good for adding shine to hair. As a "natural", I'm mostly interested in the growth and retention benefits.
  • Orange E.O. is also another of my favorites. (Maybe there is a food connection there???) When using in hair mixtures, be careful because Orange (and other oils, such as Lemon, etc) will make your hair more sensitive to sun and UV exposure. If you don't want to lighten your hair, avoid it, but if you want to soothe itchy and dry scalp, orange is thought to be good.
  • Geranium E.O. This oil has often been noted as being good for hair growth, but I've mostly heard of it being used in steam facials. I've never tried Geranium before, but now I'm reading up on its aromatic effects on tension and stress. (Since this oil blend is definitely soothing, I can believe this about Geranium oil.) On its own, Geranium is one of the "balancing" oils that are good for dry and oily skin and hair. Huh. Good to know.
  • Rose Oil is another oil I haven't used separately or with other oils. I have used Rose water and really like it - the smell and the soothing properties on my skin. I looked up some information and notice that Rose Oil can be used as a substitute for Geranium Oil because they have similar benefits. I'm also learning that Rose Oil is beneficial as a healing and mood-elevating element. Nice.
I can't explain to you why this works, but I can tell you that I am enjoying the calming effects of this blend. When I first got it (during the day), I was just so pleased with the nice smell that I dabbed it on my wrist and temples. After a minute, I realized that I want to try this in my bath. It will probably help me sleep better. Lavender is good for that, but it is a much stronger scent. This blend is mild enough to use without bothering anyone who is sensitive to smells.

So far, I haven't tried using this in a massage. I did add a couple of drops to the little bottle of hand lotion I keep in my purse. I'm going to continue to dab the oil straight from the bottle onto my wrist and temples to enjoy the calming effects.

As far as the price. it's up there. It's not too 'up there' for someone who needs the help with keeping calm and peaceful (which is true of most anyone working a job these days).  I will say that it's worth it. I will be replacing mine when I can just because it does keep me nice and relaxed - especially at night. Better than a Valium, I guess.

Finally, a couple of notes:

  • Shelf life: 36 months (Keep it in a dry and cool place.)
  • Directions:Use it 15 minutes before taking a bath to prevent feeling greasy. Apply right amount to skin and massage gently, move toward the direction of the heart. Can be used while taking a bath by adding 3 teaspoons into the bathtub. Best in relieving stress, nervousness and restlessness. For best results, use it regularly (once or twice a day). 
  • Cautions: For external use only. Consult a doctor first if you are pregnant or have physical trauma. Keep the rim clean and the bottle tightly closed to prevent oil from spoiling.