Tuesday, March 22, 2016

**REVIEW** Organic Castor Oil from Cammile Q

Sometimes, I have a brand reach out for me to try something because they read the blog and know what sorts of products I like reviewing. This was the case with this:

That's a 100% Organic Castor Oil from Cammile Q.

You guys know that I have tried a couple of different castor oils. I've mainly been using Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)  - which I sometimes call BJCO or Black Jamaican Castor Oil!

"Regular" or JBCO, when it comes to whatever kind, there is a big difference in castor oils.

What I like so much about this one is that I can use it in a lot of different ways. There is no odor or fragrance so I feel more confident about using it to extend the scent on perfumes and the fragrance oils I wear as perfumes. (I'll get into the specifics of that in a moment.)

This one is very, very thick. Love that. I had tried another castor oil that was super thick, but it did have a sticky or "tacky" feel to it. I didn't mind that when using it on my hair or on my feet, but it wasn't as nice when trying to moisturize all over after a shower.

My original intended use for the Cammile Q castor oil was as an eyelash/eyebrow moisturizer. It's only been a few days, but I can't wait to see how this works down the road. What I did was take one of the wands from an empty mascara, cleaned it really well and stored it in a plastic baggie. Now I use it to apply the castor oil to my lashes and brows at night after I clean off my makeup.

I like using the oil on my lashes and brows, but we all know I'm a maniac about my the hair on my head! I found ways to incorporate this castor oil into that care regimen. Because this is thicker than my JBCO, I especially like to use it as a hot oil treatment. Once again, there's no odor. Also, if I rinse out the treatment with conditioner instead of shampoo, I find that more of it remains to moisturize my scalp. If I want lighter oil on my scalp during the day, I can use the JBCO.

One other way that this works is as a protectant (not exactly a carrier) oil for when I want to apply EOs  to my skin as a fragrance. The reason this works well is because, while it does protect my skin from the strength of the EO's, it also helps to make my fragrance last longer. (I find that wetting the skin with warm water, blotting, and then applying the castor oil before a perfume or fragrance EO is the best way.)

Other ways I've tested this out is by adding it to the hand lotion I keep in my purse, adding a little (about a full dropper full) to a 16-oz tube of shampoo. The shampoo was a clarifying one that has been sitting in the bathroom cabinet for months. I figure it will be less stripping with the oil added to it. Also, I am using the oil on my little nephew after his baths. He's inherited his daddy's tendency to "ash up". Most lotions just roll of that child so I've been using oil on him ever since he was about 2 years old! He'll even ask me if it's time to out on some "oy-yul")

Of course, this is just a really nice sealant after washing and/or conditioning the hair. Apply to the ends with a the fingertips is you don't want much oil on your hair.

Finally, this is going to last. It's thick and doesn't take a lot. The trick when doing hot oil treatments is to use just what you need. I don't like warming my hair oils over and over. What I do is put just enough in a baggie (about a half - or little more - of a dropper) and warming the baggie in hot water. Then I can drizzle my scalp with the oil. I hate wasting stuff so this works best for me. Also, I've noticed that, just like my hair, my skin works better at absorbing moisturizing products when it's damp and a bit warm.

When you look at this on the Amazon product page, it looks small. The bottle is actually bigger than I thought.
USDA certified Organic

Like I said, I love my JBCO, but I love this unrefined castor oil too. It's unscented and thick - without the tacky feeling. There is a 30-money back guarantee, just in case you aren't as impressed as I am.

If I get the chance to check out some of the other Cammile Q products, I will let you know. In the meantime, you can go over and take a look.