Sunday, March 27, 2016

**REVIEW** BH Cosmetics

Oh, honey!

After my run in with Lancome (too expensive) and Black Radiance (dropped my color and didn't respond to customer query), I had to do something different. This is most definitely different.

And most definitely affordable.

And it does the job.

(Too bad it won't style my hair...)

Calling all my sisters, from the darkest browns and tans to the lightest pales and
For most of my cosmetic needs, I will continue shopping BH Cosmetics. Let me give you a quick rundown of how each of my four products worked out.

Liquid Foundation

This was on sale. I paid $4.50 each - in the shades of Deep Ebony (left) and Deep Espresso. The regular price is $9.00, which is still a great price. So...

Coverage is good and somewhere between sheer to medium. I could tell with the darker shade of Deep Ebony because it is, well, darker. It was the one the more closely matched my shade. When I used the (very) slightly lighter Deep Espresso, I could tell that it was sheer-to-medium in coverage because I can get away wearing it without looking "ashy".

The feel on my skin is good. At first, it was a little "tacky" to the touch as I applied it, but it blended well and there was no tacky feeling once it was on. The one thing I was a bit concerned about was that there was a bit of shine. This faded once I blended with my sponge/ To "set" the foundation, as I usually do, I applied some of my Making Cosmetics Wrinkle Blur (since I don't wear any other powder on top of my liquid foundations). That really made me fall in love with this BH foundation. I got a matte look without drying out my skin.

As for how long this foundation lasts, I'd seen other reviews saying that it needed to be reapplied at least once during the day. Not the case with me. Maybe because I don't have oily skin, or maybe because I applied my Blur, my one application lasted over 7.5 hours until I cleaned my face for bed that first night. Yesterday, it was about 9 hours before I cleaned it off.

I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would like just a touch more coverage. I'm already planning my order of the Studio Pro HD foundation. Can't wait.

Forever Nude Aqua Lip Gloss

 I love lip gloss almost more than I love lipstick. I have problems finding shades I love in lipstick so I use lip gloss to "fix" or adjust the shades. When I think lip gloss, I forget that 'gloss' is the key, and that a gloss does not have to be sheer. When I saw the selection of these 'nudes', I thought they were more sheer so I went too light and chose the shade of Chai Latte.

 This is a great gloss, but it had deep coloring and, in this shade, my lips looked ridiculous. I looked like the really dark-skinned gal that I am trying to wear a nude that a natural blonde could rock.


I really love the feel of the gloss. It's rich and buttery feeling and not sticky like some other products I've tried. And I love the idea of a 'nude' look for my lips. Because I do love this one (and because it was so reasonably priced ($5.50 on sale, $10 at regular pricing), I am going to give it to a friend of mine who is a lot lighter skinned. For my next order, I considered ordering the shade of Cinnamon, but I think I'd want to get a sample first.

This is what Chai Latte looked like on the back of my hand. Not bad, right? Light but looks workable...

...or ... no. Not workable at all.

This is what the Chai Latte shade looked like on my mouth. (I left part of lip clear to show contrast.) Ridiculous.

It tells you something that I'd never let you see my whole face with this on. I look like I'm lost in the desert and in need of a thirst quencher.

This is how Cinnamon and Chai Latte are shown on the site

So...  while this is a great gloss, it's more of what I'd call a "wet lipstick" that will look great on some ladies, but I'm still debating on the color choice for myself. If I can catch the sale before it ends, I may go for it. If I miss it, oh well. $10 for a gloss is too steep to gamble on!

5 out of 5 stars for coverage, shine and feel. 3 of 5 for my color choosing skills :-(

 Liquid Eyeliner

Well, I do love a good eyeliner. I especially love one with a felt tip applicator. This one is perfection. Purr-fection! 

Sale price was $4.00 and Reg $12.50
I prefer felt tip for eyeliners because I once almost put out an eye with a pencil liner. I've also ended up looking like a horror movie extra when I've coated one of my eyeballs with a dollop of liquid liner. I don't have the best of coordination or fine motor control. Felt tip is safest.

What I like the most about the BH liner here is that the felt tip is a bit longer than my e.l.f.  and nyc liners.

 Also, I think it helps that the whole pen is longer. Whatever the reason, I seem to be have more control with this eyeliner.

As far as staying power, the first day I used it, it lasted all day, no problem. The second day I used it, I happened to be humi-diffusing some peppermint to help with a cold I have. When I got too close to the oil, my eyes watered. Quiet a bit of my liner came off when I blotted my eyes with a tissue. So, while this might not last through a breakup or breakdown cry, it lasted me just fine during a normal  day.

4.5 of 5 stars for sale priced item; 3 of 5 for full-price (at $12.50, this should last better through tears and other melt-downs!) I can get e.l.f. cheaper and deal with the shorter tip.

Studio Pro Perfecting Concealer

 This is probably my favorite of the entire order. That's so funny because I have never bought a concealer type product before now. What attracted me to this were those gorgeous colors.

Sale price $5.50 and regularly $13.00

Of course, I don't think I am using this the way that it's meant. Or maybe I am.

I love the light gold toned color as an eye shadow. The peach-looking one next to the gold is what I use above and below my eyebrows to highlight the arch. The darkest one is great for fixing my eyeliner and mascara issues. Sometimes, I will overdo the eyeliner and need to wipe some off. I use that dark color to blend my foundation back in without whipping out my foundation itself.

These all are very smooth and blend great. That they can be used in multiple ways makes even the $13.00 price acceptable. It would stretch to even more use if I was a bit more adventurous with my eye shadowing.

5 of 5 stars at both Sale and Regular pricing.

The final Plus with BHC is their SHIPPING AND HANDLING. I have found quite a few things online that I love (clothing, hair products, makeup, etc.) only to back down when I get to the final Checkout phase. I've actually seen S&H on items that cost more than the total of the items in my Cart. (As if Alaska uses a different Postal Service than the rest of the country...)

I didn't have that Checkout regret with BH Cosmetics. As John Pinetta says, "Oh, nay, nay!"

Let's take one more look at the cost for my FOUR items, and that totally acceptable Shipping fee:

Oh, oui, oui 

So... In summary, I think that BH Cosmetics is an excellent place to do my cosmetic shopping. One thing I keep mentioning to friends is that, for the first time, I feel like I can get drugstore-priced items that work for my shade - face, lips, eyes and all. Usually, I can find a foundation in one store brand (if I'm lucky), but nothing else to complete my makeup bag.

As my friend, +Sandy Sandmeyer points out, this is a great find for women of all shades and colors.. Great prices and good stuff.