Sunday, April 24, 2016

**REVIEW** Natural Nail Polish Remover

Out of all the "natural" products I've tried or heard of, I never even expected to see nail polish remover. I guess, I just never thought of something strong enough to strip nail polish could be natural.

When I saw this being offered to reviewers, I applied mostly so that I could prove how awful it would be. I'm not always a big old ball of positive sunshine/ Go figure.

As soon as I opened the bottle, first thing I did was a sniff test. And... Nothing. I smelled nothing. Since I always have or am getting over a cold, I had someone else sniff this. They also smelled nothing.


Also interesting is that this looks and feels like an oil. Almost like a cuticle oil or some other very "thin" oil-based product.

Next test was to just try it to see if it would work. I was going to be putting this stuff to an extreme test by using my toenails. I was wearing 2 coats of polish that I'd done a couple of weeks before. Since the original coating, I'd been adding polish to the tips. (It's finally sandal-wearing weather, so...). I would guess that, all told, I had 2 coats in the center and at least 4 coats along the tips. I'm too lazy to re-do my whole nail more than once a month. Which is why I only tested the polish on one nail for the time being!

This is what I started with:

It might be time for a pro pedi!
I started with couple drops of remover on a cotton ball. Then I wiped at the nail a couple of times, like I do with regular polish remover. The ball picked up just a tinge of the color, but my nail was still fully polished. Huh. Maybe I was doing something wrong.

I was.

When I went back to look  more carefully at the actually look at the instructions on the bottle, I see this:

Ohhhhh..... LOL! I really do have to learn to pay attention to instructions.

Starting over, I added about 3 drops to a fresh cotton ball, then let it sit on the nail. Still, I didn't wait a full 5 minutes. I barely waited a whole minute. I think I lasted about 45 seconds before I started rubbing the ball across the polish, and... wow.

No drying, no ash/residue, no smell. The used cotton balls didn't even stick to me like when I use regular removers.

I have to say, I'm impressed. I used only 2 cotton balls (and ended up using a full dropper of remover) and managed to clean all the polish. I still never did wait as long as directed.

Not only is there none of the unpleasant odor if regular removers, this one had even more positives. For one thing, if you look at the photo of the cleaned nail, you can see that the surrounding skin looks more conditioned and moisturized. Because of the lighting, it's harder to see the effect on the nail itself, but it was also conditioned and shiny. My cuticles (which are naturally very dry) felt and looked better than ever. I haven't had a pro pedi since I was in Texas back in November. Regular salon visits are just not in my budget.

Let's go back and look at the label and what not in this remover (I highlighted the list with a red heart):

My next question, obviously, was how does this work then? I suppose the answer is: It's all about the ingredients. Those ingedients are:

  • Methyl Oleate (see below)
  • Palmitate
  • Linoleate
  • Stearate (magnesium or calcium, I don't know) ...
  • and other "proprietary" botanical mixtures (Okay)

I can understand why brands keep parts of their ingredients secret. They are trying to sell you something, after all, and not give you the formula. Otherwise, a lot of folks would be mixing up their own Coca Cola in their kitchens. Maybe.

The biggest thing that struck me about this list of ingredients is that the first one is tied right into something I've been talking so much about lately. Apparently, Methyl Oleate, is related to a honey bee pheremone.

Anyway, this stuff really does work. As far as quibbling about what "natural" might mean, I'm not going to push it with this. Since the nail polish I wear is not exactly "natural", I can accept using a less toxic than usual remover.

This bottle should last about as long as the same size bottle of regular remover would. I guess it would really depend on how often you change your polish. After using this correctly (and more than once), I've decided that this might even last longer than regular removers because there's no evaporation like there is with

Finally, you should go over and read the entire product description for yourself. There's info about how this is rated with people who monitor chemicals and such. Also, notice that there is a "no questions asked" refund policy.


In exchange for providing my fair and honest review, I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free or at a discount using AMZ Review Trader. Regardless, I only review products that I have personally used and can give an opinion of.