Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Getting Lean & Going Low (Low Carb Weight Loss)

Anytime I'm fat and decide to do something about it, I get a little cranky. For that reason, there won't be a regular post today. Instead, here are my recent, current, and pending thoughts:

  • If only I'd known about the low carb thing before...
  • I'm losing most of my first day's weight just running to the toilet.
  • After the first 8.5 hours, I've peed away at least 3 pounds.
  • I could do low-carb so easy if donuts were low-carb.
  • Or those butter bars from the Walmart bakery section.
  • Donuts are not low carb, low sugar or low fat. 
  • Butter bars are Satan's latest tool to pull me under.
  • Why can't all diet soda taste as good as Fresca? I once drank Fresca for 2 weeks before I realized it was diet. 
  • Fresca. Carb = 1g. Sodium = 35mg. Fresca. Good stuff. Liquid manna.
  • I never liked hot sauce until I went low carb. 
  • Frank's hot sauce is so good that I want to marry it.
  • I might not want to marry the super-spicy sauce, but the Buffalo sauce. I'm getting it a ring.
  • I really like eggs. I thought that I could live on nothing but eggs if I had to. Then I did an egg fast.
  • I can't live on nothing but eggs. (And Grammarly hates double negatives, by the way.)
  • Unless I have some of that hot sauce. Then I might make it at least four days.
  • Do you know how good and delicious a pork chop tastes after you've eaten nothing but eggs for hours?
  • After  hours of nothing but eggs, I almost passed out when I tasted a piece of bacon.
  • I can do low-carb and low-fat, but it's really hard to keep those sodium numbers down.
  • I was so bloated when I started this regimen that I couldn't even suck in like Homer Simpson.
  • Well,  I could suck in but my gut didn't move.
  • After 48 hours, I can not only do a suck in, I almost don't need to.
  • I have proven something for myself and I feel like a science project.
  • I proved that it's both the amount and kinds of calories that make a difference.
  • Anyone wants to argue, try eating 1200 calories a day in soup and trail mix. Then try eating 1800 calories in meat/fish and leafy, green vegetables.
  • My body gets all skinny and happy on the meat and veggies. On the soup and trail mix, my body was all bitchy and carried a mental switchblade. 
  • I can't stop thinking about that hot sauce.
  • Wonder if Frank's needs a spokesperson for that hot sauce?
  • It's time for my egg snack, but I am really tired of eggs.
  • Hmmm... a pat of butter on a warm boiled egg is really quite good. Quite good.
  • Hot sauce on the boiled egg tastes better, though.
  • Wish there wasn't so much sodium in this sauce.
  • Otherwise, I'd be happy dipping celery in it. And I really hate celery. But that sauce...
  • My short term, non-critical goals in life are all to do with foods and beverages.
  • First goal: find an Almond Joy creamer with less carbs and fat. 
  • Second goal: go wrap tiny pieces of donuts up in some fried bacon for a half-healthy snack.
  • Third goal: sit on a blanket in the sun, drinking coffee with Almond Joy creamer and eating my "dough bacon" snacks.
  • Fourth goal: find a way to market my donut bacon snacks.
  • Scratch Goal 4. I think someone in New York beat me to it.
  • Note to self: visit New York to try all those hip donut combos I hear about.
  • Time to weigh in for the evening.
  • Dang. I'm going to do another weigh-in in an hour.
  • All those thoughts about donuts added a pound. I'm sure that's what happened.
  • Second weigh in went much better. It's my heavy-soled sandals that tipped the scales upward.
  • I wonder just how much my hair weighs now that it's grown back out?
  • Time to see what the hot sauce tastes like on some neckbones.
  • Hmmm... Why am I not that hungry now? 
  • I think the best benefit of this diet is starting to kick in.
  • I could actually turn my nose up at something sweet and decadent right now (as long as that something isn't in the form of a Denzel look-a-like)...
Seriously, though, I am doing very well on a low-carb (and reasonably low-fat) diet. I wish I knew why this kind of food regimen is discussed more.

The one problem I had when I was at my heaviest was trying to exercise. I don't mean I wasn't motivated because I was. The problem was that, carrying so much weight, I had trouble moving at all, let alone exercising.

If only someone had told me before that there was a way to at least jump start my weight loss - without trying to get to a gym or take long walks in the freaking winter snow or high summer heat!

What I got when I asked around about various diets was the usual spiel: low cal, low fat, more exercise, better sleep, less anxiety... Excuse my filthy moment, but Bitch, puh-lease!

If I had known how easy it is to do a low carb diet, I'd have been back in my size 4's two years ago. So, you can bet I'm going to be telling folks to check out a low-carb diet.

By the way, want to mention the Vlogger who really inspired me, not just because she is sharing her personal journey, but because she dared embark on the journey. She makes the whole idea of losing a lot of weight seem so very possible. Here is just one of her videos.

Check the links on her YouTube page and give her some mad support. That perky attitude and genuine personality is just perfect for a mainstream audience. I don't know why some brand isn't knocking down her door, hiring her as a spokesperson. She certainly got me fired up.

Now, I don't want (or need) to lose 40 or 80 pounds in a couple of months. What I would love to do, is eventually make my way back to the 130-140lb range. After that, I'll start dusting off my size 4 jeans. And when I say I want to be a size 4, I don't say that because there is anything wrong with ladies of other sizes. I say I want to be a size 4 because I do want to be a size 4 again. Before the illness and the steroids, I didn't know nothin' bout no size sixes or fourteens. I really don't think my skeleton was built to hold this size *^%#@%^ body. LOL

I am not doing a low carb regimen as extreme as Kaylah Cupcake's, but it's still a huge change for me. This is just week 1 so I am playing with different plans to see what feels comfortable. This is what I'm starting with:

That might seem drastic for someone who loves their Almond Joy creamer so much but apparently, it's not fat or calories I have trouble with. It's my sodium intake:

I'm over on my fat by a bit, but that's fine. It's that sodium that's crazy!

This shows how easy it is to have ONE item in your daily diet that can mess you up. I still have a calorie allowance for this day, so you know I'm not just pigging out on the world. Nope. I love My Fitness Pal for this single reason: I can pinpoint my food problems.

Damn that wonderfully delicious hot sauce!

So, yeah, I'm having to learn how to move my foods around so that I don't get all bunched up with sodium or fat. Most of my fat that didn't come from meat, came with a tuna-with-mayo snack. I really have to watch my snacking...

The good thing is that I am not hungry in the least - even with almost 600 calories left to go. I'm just going to have to find a low-sodium snack for the night.

Can we all say pistachioThin Addictives???

Done. Hahahaha!!!