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Monday, August 08, 2016

A Visual Journey *UPDATE*

I went through and found more old (and some hilarious) photos. These are mainly for my fam.

That's me & my Mama, Miss Tootsie.
Don't remember who the baby is.

That's me being so "fast" & grown. With my hand on my back, as
my mother would say. Some of the other kids are the Rouzans. Still friends today.

That's my big brother, Chuck, looking like a black member of  Duran Duran.
So handsome & still is.
Me in background. And I still tag around him when I can!

Me with my little brother, Darrell & his dog, Scott.
He loved that dog.

My daddy. I'm the female "George".

Image result for years that ask questions and years that answer

I was talking with a good friend the other day. We are both making a lot of life changes and shooting for big futures - yes, even at my 55 and her 57 years. She said something interesting about how different everyone's life journey can be. Ours have certainly not followed normal paths!

So, I'm looking back on my years that ask questions and years that answer. The only thing any of them have in common are their echoes.

I've been up, I've been down. I've flown First Class, Coach, and Standby. My world has been full to bursting with joy, then plunged into a darkness close to Hell. I've been healthy, fine, arrogant, beautiful, desired and too full of myself. I've been broken and abused and discarded and forsaken and forgotten and vilified and sick unto death. I've had friends and enemies and people who simply never noticed.

I am blessed because I've lived a life and, God willing, I will make the most of the years I have left.


**UPDATE** The Book *is* Coming (Really!)

Because I announced having finished my first short story collection, I thought I should explain why there has been a delay in the Amazon release.

First, let me say that I truly appreciate the existence of CreateSpace for self-publishing creatives. It's really a beautiful thing.


There is a bit of a learning curve for first-time users.

I'm a slow learner.

Actually, I'm proud of myself for having gotten as far in the process as I have. I have on my bookshelf a first proof copy of  Love and Madness.

The cover looks better than this photo shows...
I'm holding back on publishing because I am adding to the book. I don't feel right releasing it with only the stories I'd included in the proof. Also, I have completed a few more stories that fit the mood of Love and Madness and really want them as part of it.

One thing that I find tedious about CreateSpace is using their templates. Of course, that's a better option than not using them. Unless there is a fairy who will fix the margins and  any other formatting. (If any of you are friends with such a being, please schedule me an introduction.)

I read the forums, so I know I'm not the only writer who has problems with formatting and cover issues. Now that I have finished additional stories for the book, I am having to start from scratch with the template. Once that's done, Love and Madness will be hitting the market. Trust me, I will be shouting the news from every rooftop I can.

For now, keep me in your prayers. If I don't finish this first book soon I will either be losing all the rest of my mind or taking up drinking as a serious pursuit.

In the meantime,