Friday, August 12, 2016

**REVIEW** CeraVe Body Wash & Moisturizing Cream

This post is actually a "Reveal and Review" because, once again, I'm sharing extra personal details.

I'm reviewing two products since I recently had to try them. Doctor's orders.

I don't know if I'd mentioned here anything about a rash I developed on my inner ankles and in small spots on my hands. I initially treated my ankles (which were the most affected) with some raw honey. The honey made the rash look better and it took away the awful itching, but when I saw my doctor, he referred me to a dermatologist. Good thing, too. Turns out I have eczema.

This is what the spots on my hands did look like.

Not just a case of needing moisture. I was using oils and creams galore.

There are lots of reasons people develop eczema. Allergies other environmental issues, and I don't know what all else. In my case, the culprit is my compromised immune system. So, yeah, thank again, sarcoid.

The good news is, eczema is not contagious. Also, it is very treatable.

The dermatologist I saw prescribed a corticosteroid ointment. I almost passed out from fear when I heard the part "steroid" part. I recovered when I heard "topical" and" cream - not oral, injectable, or anything to do that will put another pound of weight on my behind.

The other part of my treatment for the eczema is to use three OTC products: a soothing cleanser and two moisturizers. The CeraVe products are the ones I'm posting about today.

Here's the reason I wanted to do a review on these items: they are awesome.  The cleanser is something that I love for how gentle it is. I never use soaps on my face, but this is one I will make an exception for.If I had known how good the moisturizer is, I'd have been using it on my feet always!

First, let's look at the Pros for the moisturizer:

  • Of course, it is highly moisturizing but what I like most is that it's not sticky, stinky, or slimy. 
  • The moisturizing effects last much longer than most lotions or creams - as long as you don't wash your hands. This is not something that continues protecting after washing.
  • The price is not as bad as I expected, especially being recommended by my dermatologist and actually working as well as it does. Amazon currently has the 16oz jar for under $13. That's about what I paid for a 12oz container at Walmart. Now I know.
  • A little bit goes a long way so I won't run through a supply too quickly. I tend to over-do it with applications of oils and lotion and other potions. With this one, I've learned to start light and add more as needed. It really does take about a dime-sized drop to take care of just my hands.
  • There's not waiting for the product to soak in before handling papers or fabrics. For as moisturizing as the cream is, that was a surprise.
As for the cleanser, I had one problem with the bottle design. The soap is very, very thin and watery. The first time I opened the cap to use some, almost a tablespoon's worth ran out and into the sink. Even when I am careful with the pouring, it's still hard to control how much dispenses. I think the bottle needs a suction control to help with the thin product texture. What I've started doing is covering the opening with my hand to control the flow of the soap. I don't like that solution because I could be contaminating the entire bottle every time I use the soap. 

The best thing about the soap is how well it cleans in spite of being so mild. On the other hand, as thin as the soap is, I don't think it's going to last me as long as the moisturizer is. Also, the cleanser is more expensive over $17 for a 10oz bottle at the store (though just over $14 on Amazon). 

Basically, I love the moisturizer and think it's worth every cent. The cleanser is a good product but needs a better bottle design to help prevent waste - especially for what it costs.

The rash on my ankles has not cleared up yet but is looking SO much better. The minor spots of breakout on my hands are almost unnoticeable as long as I keep them moisturized. 

You all know that I'm a big advocate for all things natural. My coconut and palm oils were not working well on the rash and that was no surprise to the dermatologist. I will have to look up more info why that is. I did not try my other oils (kukui, emu, etc.) because I didn't know what I was dealing with as a skin condition. As far as I knew, I might have been having a reaction to one of my natural oils. (I wasn't, but I'm glad I was cautious.)

need a manicure, but much better

I learned a lesson or two in this experience. For one thing, I've always been vain about my skin and tend to brag about the care I take with it. Well, there are some things that you just can't avoid no matter how careful you are. Instead of self-treating with my usual oils and other products, I should have contacted my doctors the first second that I noticed a problem. 

I also learned that even good things can be harmful in certain cases. Because of my weak immune system, I tend to be cautious of germs. I must wash my hands fifteen or more times a day - with antibacterial soap - and I am a nut for the GermX and other protectants. Guess what? I've been advised to leave both types of products alone until this eczema clears up. So, yeah, I should have just checked with the docs first. My bad.

Now that I have tried these products, I can say that I would like using the moisturizer no matter what. I can't say the same for the cleanser, even though I like it. It's too pricey and I'm going to run through the bottle too quickly. Bad combo.

Next post, I will be telling you about the third OTC product the doc has me using. Until then,