Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Open Letter to Amazon About the Policy Change

Dear Amazon:

For a big and influential company, you sure didn't use your smarts this time. About 10 minutes after I received a morning delivery of Amazon items to review, I saw the online news about the policy change on product reviews.

My first thought was how to deal with the stuff I have yet to review. My next thought was this:

                         Amazon Policy Change = Good Idea. Great Idea.
                         Implementation of the Change = Lazy & loophole-laden

No doubt about it, there are some cheating, lying and totally untrustworthy reviewers out there. I'm just hurt that you, Amazon, choose to paint me with the same brush as those cheats. I'm also a little suspicious of your motives now that I know you plan to use only your system (Vine) of choosing reviewers. And that is in spite of the fact that I think I meet the criteria of being chosen to participate in Vine.

A policy change was needed, but one better and smarter. You, Amazon, surely have the money for that. With this policy you've chosen, you are only penalizing the honest sellers and reviewers and opening a wider door for the cheats.

Do you think that cheating sellers won't find a way around this new system of yours? 

Do you think cheating reviewers won't work with those cheating sellers?

Since I'm not one of the cheats, I probably will be part of the group that loses out. Yes, I like getting free and discounted stuff. Of course, I do. Almost anyone does. That doesn't mean that will steal or lie or cheat to get it. Doing product reviews was the one HONEST way I found to get free stuff that I like.

If you look at my reviewing record, Amazon, you might notice that one of my reviews (a freebie) was the reason a product was taken off sale. You might also notice that I go back and do updates. Often. If I like a product at first, but then have problems with it, I make sure to let other community members know about it.  Same goes for products I down-rated at first, then later liked 

As a member of a site for reviewers, I've even questioned the behavior of some sellers. The site moderators always handled the problem. This is another reason, by the way, that I think you might consider working with some of there outside sites. Keep things honest, but not keep things to yourself. I'm just saying.

You do get the final word though. You are the boss. Fine. I'm sure that other companies - like Walmart - or sites - like Overstock - will pick up the slack you leave. Or, like I mentioned before, cheating people will find a way around your new policy.

It's such a shame that you didn't put more thought into your policy changes. I wish you had. Then again, I also wish you would take a look at your crazy Prime membership pricing. 

I hope that you sort this policy out so that it will be fair to fair people and punishing to dishonest people. In the meantime, I will be awaiting an invitation to Vine.