Friday, October 14, 2016

ChiroDoc Coccyx Cushion

Because I spend so much time in my chair writing (too much time, actually), I was glad to try out this seat cushion when it was offered:

That is the ChiroDoc Coccyx Seat Cushion. This is what mine looked like when I unboxed it:

I have tried two other cushions before. One worked so well, I gave it to my sister to use in her wheelchair seat. The other cushion was a disappointment. In spite of the price which, at $32 and change is average for something decent, the quality was low. I think that cushion lasted a full week before it had to be fluffed every couple of hours. It was never really very comfortable after the initial 24-hour testing period anyway. That one went to the garbage.

The chair that I use when writing is old. I'm kind of attached to it though. I feel like I need to finish the two projects I'm working on before I can get rid of it. Besides, chairs are not cheap. My current chair still functions in every way - it can be raised and lowered and the back can be adjusted - it's just no longer very nice to my butt. If I don't use some kind of padding, I can just about feel the metal supports leaving marks on my tail. I've been using some of those cheap decorative pillows made for outdoor furniture. This new cushion came in on the 5th and I just about hurt myself ripping the box open.

Before I go on, let me tell you what the product page for this item told  me to expect:

  • That it's designed to fit the shape of the butt
  • That it relieves lower back pain
  • That it will improve posture
  • That it never goes flat,
  • and can be used anywhere (ex: for traveling)
  • That the covering is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
Okay. That's their take. Here's mine:

I can tell you that it does fit my butt. It's shaped the way most seat cushions are - to fit human contours. I can't attest to the back pain relief because I don't have that problem. I also don't think it does anything for my posture. That would take my cooperation. When I am sitting and writing, I usually slouch back with one leg propped up on something. (Do not judge me.) 

For this post, I wanted to test how well the cushion would hold up under a lot of use. For three days, I clocked my time spent sitting to write. Thursday through Saturday, I put a total of 15.5 hours in at the computer. Friday was my longest time (6.5 hours) and I have to tell you, my behind felt better than it usually does after long writing sessions.

Without something padding this old chair seat, my butt usually starts getting numb after two or three hours. Some kind of cushioning only  helps a bit. Sitting on this cushion was nice. I still needed to get up and move around every couple of hours, but I think that's only natural. It was the comfort I got while  sitting that made such a difference. I will have to come back and update down the road but, so far, this memory foam does seem to bounce back nicely.

So, yeah, I can give a thumbs up to the comfort factor. As far as how well this cushion would travel, it's not at all heavy (just over 1 pound), but it will take up some room in your carry-on. The measurements: 17.7 x 13.7 x 2.8 inches. That's not huge and I suppose, you could fold the cushion, but I travel with as little hand-baggage as possible.

The covering is removable in case you're like me and will want to launder it. I don't plan on sharing my cushion with anyone but this little dirt goblin here:

I don't know about all 4-year-olds, but DJ is truly a bundle of energy and dirt. He's like a dirt magnet and, of course, he likes to invade Auntie's bedroom and, of course, he usually goes straight to the tiny corner I use as a writing area. Of course.

Probably, I will be washing the cushion at least once every few weeks. 

Like I said, if I need to, I will come back and update this post but, as of now, I will rate this cushion as 5 out of 5 stars.


DISCLOSURE: I received the item(s) either at a discount or no cost in exchange for sharing my opinion.