Monday, November 14, 2016

**REVIEW** Organic Paleo Cultured Brown Butter Ghee

This post is mainly for anyone eating a Keto or Paleo diet - or anyone that likes organic foods.

I've talked about using butter and ghee as part of my keto eating regimen. You can read here about some of the brands and types I've previously tried. This is the most recent brand of ghee I am trying and I think it's my favorite so far:

                                           Organic Paleo Cultured Brown Butter Ghee, Grass Fed, Casein and Lactose Free (8 oz)

It would be my absolute favorite, hands down, except I can't find it anywhere locally. I'm going to have to check and see if my town's health food stores can order some. It's not a Prime product on Amazon and the shipping charge was almost same as for the product. Where I do find it labeled as a Prime item, the price is higher. Go figure....

Ghee (in general) is an acquired taste, in my opinion. I do think that if more people knew about it, they would prefer using ghee in place of their ordinary butter. Go back and check that previous post to see what I mean. Ghee is about as basic in flavor as any butter. Adding it to foods can alter the texture or amp the flavor, but it's not strong on it's own. When I add it to my coffee, for instance, it adds a creaminess but it doesn't make the coffee taste like butter.

The reason I like this brown butter ghee is because of the flavor. It's so faint that I almost don't notice it but, once I do, I realize it adds to the richness of my coffee. It's less noticeable on food, though.

As soon as you open the jar, you can smell a caramel-like fragrance. It's really, really nice. It reminds me exactly of something else I've smelled - a candy or baked good, I'm thinking - but I haven't been able to place which one yet. I even had my niece take a sniff and she knows what I'm talking about but can't think of what it is either.

As the name reveals, this particular ghee is a much deeper shade than the others I've tried. The color is obtained by a longer cooking process, according to the label.

 I wouldn't say that it's exactly brown though. To me, it looks more like a blend of these two different shades of brown:

Here is how my phone camera picks it up. It's actually a touch darker in reality.

Speaking of the label, this one lets you know about the sourcing and batching of the product:

The label info includes: that this is sourced from grass-fed cows (raised in Northern California); and is made in small batches. Here is the product page I ordered mine from: Organic Paleo Cultured Brown Butter Ghee, Grass Fed, Casein and Lactose Free (8 oz). It is not Prime eligible and costs $8.95+ shipping. I thought the shipping was too high but I got mine using a gift credit I had.

Anyway, this is not one that I plan to use on the skin (although the nice scent might make it worth it!). If I have one complaint, it's that I didn't get this is a larger jar size. Like I mentioned, I can only order it online but the shipping is too much for me. I'm looking for a comparable product so I'm reading a ton of reviews right now!

Since I am on the keto diet, I don't eat much bread. I did try this out on a little piece of toast and it was very nice. Not much different from the other clarified butters when using it on the bread. I can tell more of a difference in its richness when I use it in my coffee.

If anyone has suggestions for a good ghee that they have tried (and that I might be able to find on Amazon),please let me know.