Saturday, November 19, 2016

**REVIEW** Xtra-Funky Shiny Mirror Case (for Galaxy Note4)

While I love, love, love my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (most of the time) and I do try to keep it safe by using protective cases, I don't usually buy decorative cases. I'm mostly about keeping my phone safe and working. Pretty is not a priority.


I saw this case when I was ordering Christmas gifts for DJ. I can't remember how I came across it, but it certainly caught my eye.

How could it not?

That's the photo from the product page for the (get ready for the name) Xtra-Funky Range Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Slim TPU Silicone Shiny Mirror Case with Sparkly Crystal Diamante Rhinestones - Silver

I will just call it the mirror case. The photos mostly speak for the product, but I will give you my opinion of course.

Hard to get photos because of the shine. Almost looks like the case is floating, doesn't it?

I like that the case really is as shiny as it looks on the product page. My own photos don't capture it so well, but it is truly a mirror-like finish. Seriously.

It's nice to have a mirror attached to something that I always have on hand. I have to admit that when I was in the store today, I was using it to spy on a cute guy that I'd passed in one aisle! Not sure if that's what the intended use is. Since the mirror is my main attraction to this case, I have to mention that it smudges easily. That doesn't take away from the use of the mirror though.

The one thing I don't like about the case is that the "rhinestones" are so cheap looking when you see them up close. They aren't even actual rhinestoned - just really cheap and cloudy-looking plastic chips in the shape of the stones. I know that rhinestones are cheap imitations anyway, but these are so dulll-looking that I wish I had gotten a case without them added on.

I want to point out that even though the mirror is really nice, the case itself (inlcuding the mirror part) is not a hard substance. The plastic is a soft, molded unit that bends with very little pressure. I guess that's a good thing since a harder plastic would break. The winter weather here is really cold so I like the more pliable plastic.

Another thing about the case is that, while it does provide covering (and some cushioning) to the back, it's not something I'd count on offering a lot of protection should I drop the phone.

Overall, I really do like this a lot. That mirror is something else. I guess the only real negative I can point out (other than those rhinestones) is that I have to press harder on my side buttons to get them to work. For the purpose of the buttons, it would be nice is the case were more rubberized than plastic.

Though I don't like the cheap look of the rhinestones, they only look bad at a close view. From a distance, the stones really don't take away from the look of the case. And, once again, that mirror makes it worth it.

Bottom line, the case cost less than 5 bucks. That's a great price and very much worth it.

I've been over on Amazon looking at the other items in the Xtra-Funky storefront. I see a few things that I like for gift items, including cases and accessories for all kinds of phones. My family is a mix of Android and iPhone users, so...

I can tell you that I do like the case I got and that the service was great from the Seller. I will be purchasing from them again.