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Saturday, December 16, 2017

**REVIEW** 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad

Remember back when I used to review a lot of essential oils and other beauty products? Well, that's not over, but I've been branching out lately and checking out different categories of items. This one is my favorite in a while:

That's a mini wireless keyboard that's been coming in handy lately. Side story: Ever since the last freaking Windows update, some of the functions on my PC keyboard are all kinds of screwed up! My fn keys don't work and I can't shut off my touchpad. I'm trying to roll back the updates, but... sigh...

Anyway, I love this little wireless keyboard. Charging it is easy and the charge lasts forever because the unit 'sleeps' while not in use. I really like that it has the touchpad function and I was surprised that it works as well as the one on my PC. Actually, since Windows if goofy right now, this touchpad works better than the one on my computer.

If you use it even just occasionally for the keyboard, it's still very cool for the touchpad functions and for the Volume Up/Down and Arrow keys.

Not only does it make my life easier while I sort out the Windows problem, but it's also nice to have when don't want to be tied to the main keyboard. When I am watching a movie or cleaning, or doing whatever else, I can use this mini keyboard while up to 10 meters/32 feet away from the PC. Mainly, I use it when I'm cooking and need to look up a recipe. It's cool to keep my PC safely up on the counter and have this keyboard with me right near the stove or sink. When I'm sick in bed - or just laying back - I can use the keyboard to check in on my email and social media accounts.

Those are all the fabulous things I love. Let's talk about the few quirks I ran into:

  • The one thing I was confused about when I first saw it is what I'm always confused about when I see the word "wireless". I mistake "wireless" for "Bluetooth" all the time. This is wireless as in it connects to the actual PC via USB adaptor, which is why I can operate it up to 30+ feet away from the PC.
  • When I first opened the package, I thought the USB adaptor was missing. It wasn't, of course. It was just tucked away under the back plate where the battery is located.
  • The basic keyboard is very easy to use right away. Because I'm so used to my larger standard keyboard, I had to play around a bit to get the hang of using the special fn keys.

That's it. Those are the only things I fumbled with at first. Notice that those were all on me!

By the way, I forgot to mention that this works with:
  • Android TV Box
  • Projectors
  • HTPC
  • Smart TVs (except, for some reason, Samsung)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Xbox
  • Notebook PCs
I think it might work with just about any device that uses wireless USB adaptors. Make sure though before you run out and order one!

The price is great. It was just under $13 and I wish I'd found it sooner because it makes for a nice stocking stuffer gift. I'm doing all my gift-giving after Christmas, so I'm good. This is something that almost everyone in my family can use.

I got mine via Amazon. 


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