Sunday, December 17, 2017

**REVIEW** Fitness Tracker S2

Remember the FitBit craze? Remember how much they cost? I remember mine. I remember regretting paying so much for something. Matter of fact, when I couldn't afford a gift for someone, I ended up gifting them that FitBit...

One of my nieces is committing to getting in shape over the winter. That's a good plan. I mean, why wait until summer to start fitting into those cute jeans? Anyway, I got the chance to try this and then I will see if the niece likes it. Win/win.


I actually wanted to try another Fitness Tracker, but there's no way I can afford anything pricey. Enter the water-resistant S2:

Fitness Tracker S2

Isn't that cute? It's as thin and stylish as the FitBit Charge. It's very lightweight and comfortable. At first, I thought the band would be too short but it wasn't at all. I actually think of it as a Fitness Tracker/Watch, so you'll catch me just calling it a watch at times.


It does so much that I don't miss the FitBit at all. I especially don't miss that high price of the FitBit. This one is on Amazon for $30. That's kind of amazing when you see everything it does. Let's run through the list of what I've checked so far:

  • Tells time (duh!)
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Counts calories burned
  • Pedometer
  • Cycling mode
  • Rope skipping
  • Jumping jacks
  • Sit-ups
  • Treadmill
  • Exercise goal/targets
That's what it does on its own. This is what else it can do when paired with a phone via the app:
  • Music control
  • Control photos
  • Find phone
  • Incoming call/SMS reminder/alert
There are more functions, but I'm still playing around and discovering all of them.


If there is one initial annoyance with this device it is to do with the instructions. Once again, I wish my brain worked well enough for me to get the job of writing user-friendly instructions for products. (At least this came with detailed instructions!) One of the first things I had to decipher was how to charge the device. Turns out, it was pretty simple and maybe someone with a sharper brain would have gotten it without frustration...

First, you take the band off to reveal the charging piece:

Got it. I think.

One of those pieces jutting off the side of the watch has a metal charging plate.

And that is what plugged right into my PC's USB port. Simple (after the fact!).

Like I said, there are a lot of features included. One I really like is the "wake up" feature when you move turn your wrist to look at the watch. I have a feeling that some people will like the features they can use when connecting the device to their phones. So, let's talk tech. Or, 'tech' in the way I talk it!


What you will need in order to pair and use this with your cell phone is Android version 4.3 (Jelly Bean). For Apple users, the info is a little confusing. The outside of the box says you will need iOS 7.0 or higher, but the inserted instructions say you need iOS 8.0

When I was checking this info out (and I will update as I find out more), I noticed in the instructions a whole other part about "system compatibility".

I know less than nothing about iOS so... maybe this isn't such a big deal???

Keep in mind that, at the price the tracker goes for, it's a great gift for someone who might only want to use the basic features. I know a couple of people (my best friend, for instance) who would love to have this but would never, ever pair it with her phone. She's just not into anything more tech than Caller ID!

For those of you who are seriously considering this device and want to use the app, I wanted to share some more system compatibility info. My brain is getting tired so I'm just going to share a photo of something straight out of the manual:

So, yeah, this is a nifty little gadget. It won't break the budget and it does as much (or more) than more expensive similar devices. Here is the link for the item:


Disclosure: I got a discount on this item in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

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