Friday, January 12, 2018

**REVIEW** CloSYS Dental Hygiene Care

This is a review for people who, like myself, might suffer from some oral ailments. I have dry mouth that is, I'm sure, due to the medications I take. I used to have horrible halitosis (surprisingly, the treatment of my sarcoidosis solved that), but am always conscious of my breath.

I tell you all that to tell you about this:

This is the trial-sized intro kit to CloSYS, a brand which is described as being "gentle oral care". It's certainly should be gentle since it's touted as being:

  • Alcohol-Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Non-Burning 
  • Triclosan Free
  • Gluten Free

Initially, I was only looking for a toothpaste and I wasn't even thinking about this particular brand. I had never even heard of ClosSYS. What got me to order this instead of the Manuka paste I was checking on, was the price. Also, the Closys is Prime shipping and the Manuka was not. (This is so irritating. Toothpaste was already expensive, then they add a shipping charge? No, thanks.)

I'm glad I got this. One complaint: the "trial" size is smaller than most and this toothpaste won't last long at all. Hotels leave bigger tubes for a 1- or 2-night stay. On the other hand, it is all TSA-compliant. ~sigh~ The world we now live in, right?

Anyway, there was not only a trial of the toothpaste, as you can see. There's the pastes, mouthwash (sorry, I mean oral rinse), some freshening drops and breath spray.

Though the toothpaste is all I wanted, I went ahead and tried everything in the kit, so let's take a look.

That's the toothpaste on the top...

I've been using Colgate Optic White for the past couple of months. Before that, I was using some Rembrandt that the rest of the family had gotten in bulk from Costco. Both those brands are good for cleaning and whitening my teeth and I never thought anything more about either of them. You know, they are tubes of paste and they clean the teeth. Period. Right?

Now, here is what's awesome about this CloSYS toothpaste. First off, it's so non-drying. Not only does it not dry out my mouth, but it seems to help my glands balance the saliva I need. That sounds kind of icky, but, hey.

The one thing that took some getting used to is that there is zero flavor to this paste. And I mean, NONE. It's labeled as "Gentle Mint" and it's so freaking gentle that I missed it. I'm so used to getting a hint of mint or a bite of peppermint that I thought I wasn't using enough of this. Once I got past that, I loved the clean feeling of the paste in my mouth. No after coating of anything and none of the flavor remnants from other brands. Another thing is that there is no foaming action with this toothpaste. Basically, the overall brushing left my mouth feeling very pure and clean.

After the brushing left my mouth feeling so unassaulted with foam and flavor, I didn't feel the need to use the mouthwash - sorry, oral rinse - but this is all for the review so...

See? "Oral Rinse"

The rinse is just as flavor-free as the toothpaste. It reminds me of a watered down hydrogen peroxide. Wait. What?

Yeah. I almost didn't see that note about adding the flavor stuff.

Thing is, I didn't like the too-concentrated, hot kind of taste of the flavor drops right out of the bottle, but just one full drop did help that mout-, I mean oral rinse. Otherwise, the rinse was too bland. I suppose I can add the rest of the flavoring to some water when I'm out and need to do a quick, after-meal rinse. You can see how tiny that bottle is. It will fit perfectly into the smallest wallet or even the coin-pocket of some jeans.

The breath spray is probably my least favorite of this kit.

Not that there's anything monstrous about it and it's not even as strong as nasty as most breath sprays. I'm just not a fan of breath sprays. Usually, I end up aiming badly and spraying the outside of my mouth. When I do use it correctly, I end up wanting to rinse it out of my mouth anyway. So ~shrug~ I will probably just save this for emergencies. Probably when I'm in danger of dragon-breathing some garlic into someone's face.

Bottom line: the toothpaste is awesome and I will be getting a full-size tube of it. I might see if Costco has better pricing but, if not, Amazon has it as a Subscribe and Save item at a very reasonable price.

After several uses, I can tell that my breath stays fresher longer after brushing. Morning breath isn't as dragon-ish as usual. I bet if I start back on my daily half-gallon water routine, I can get rid of that morning breath for good. Okay - if I quit eating garlic burgers for dinner...

I might still try the manuka toothpaste if I can find it anywhere else (and will review it if I do), but this CloSYS is working out just fine.