Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What the Heck Happened to My Fitness Pal?

So... I went over to MyFitnesPal after about a year away. Boy, does it suck now! I used to love that app. I used it for all twelve of my diets! LOL

Seriously though, it really seems so different now. I couldn't put my finger on what seems changed, but I went looking for another app to replace it and saw a Reddit post that had the same complaint. Seems that MyFitnessPal has been bought out by UnderArmour...

Well, there ya go. I don't know how I missed that logo change. It's all up there and in our face.

 In case you missed who's in charge now... And we all know that I love (but can't afford) all things UnderArmour.

MyFitnessPal used to be very easy to use. I could scan items to get my calories, set up my regular foods to get to quicker, and even communicate with other users. Today, I didn't get past trying to add some new foods. The calorie counts were wrong for the first 3 items and when I tried adding the bread, the app didn't recognize slices as a unit.

I gave up and tried an app that I saw mentioned in that Reddit post. It's called Fat Secret (yeah, bad name) and it's pretty similar to the original MyFitnessPal. But it is new and there are some annoyances that will probably get fixed as time goes by. I don't have the patience. I need to get started logging my meals and keeping track of these calories.

I think I love this one!

My niece and I texted about the Fitness Pal situation and she said that she hasn't bothered using that app in ages. Huh. So I guess I'm not the only one unhappy with it. She told me that she uses the Pro version of My Diet Coach. I checked out the free version and it's about the same as Fat Secret.

What I have decided to do is keep track of my calories using an Excel sheet. I just have to try to remember how to set up the page to do the math for me! I was never good at Excel when I was good at other things. Now I look at the page and my head starts to hurt.

My intermittent fasting is going great and doesn't even feel like any kind of a diet. The only problem I am having is tracking my calories. I've been undereating because I don't want to be a glutton like I was my first 2 days in.

This is today's meal that I'm fixing for 4pm. That's my best time of day to eat because I have started cutting off my eating at 7pm instead of at 8pm. I start my 8-hour eating window now at 11 in the morning. Much less time to wait for that first cuppa caffeine! I'm still trying to work out the best hours for me to live with and this is what I'm using to make sure I don't get brain-foggy figuring out the 16-hour fast window.

Anyway, folks, I'm looking for recommendations if you have any. Tell me what you think of all the apps I mentioned. Meantime, I'll just start tracking by pen and paper until I find some safe Excel sheets to download. If I find some that seem safe, I will post them the next time I blog about IF.