Wednesday, March 21, 2018

**REVIEW** Mesh Laundry Bags Set of 6

I just got this set of mesh  laundry bags by Poliyu to review and I already like them quite a bit

The zippers are made to stay closed and to last

The mesh is stronger and not as prone to ripping or wearing down as a lot of laundry bags.

Now, I've used laundry bags before to separate and protect certain items when I wash. Mostly, I like not having the hooks on my bras tear into or snag other clothes. Also, it's really nice to be able to keep all my socks together since I otherwise lose about 3 socks per a load of wash... But I've found other uses for my laundry bags:

  • Separating items when packing luggage,
  • Tucking dirty items away from clean ones when traveling or packing, and
  • Sorting and separating clothing items in bedroom drawers.
This may sound odd, but I actually separate my laundry items when putting them in the hamper. That way I'm good to go when I don't want to do all my laundry but need to do bras and socks or bedding items. I think what I like most about this set is that there are various shapes and sizes. You can get creative with which items you put into which bags. I'll use the bra one sometimes for socks and tights:

This one is going to be good for when I do bed linens. I can separate my pillowcases and shams from the large sheets and duvet covers. Nice.

Keep in mind that you can use these in both the washer and the dryer.

The price is dang good. I've seen similar or higher prices for fewer bags in sets. Here is what you get in this set for a price that is currently less than $12:
  • 19.5" x 23.5" - will fit a jacket/coat or sheets
  • 15.7" x 19.5" - for sweater, blouse, pants
  • 11.8" x 16.7" - t-shirts, lingerie, scarves
  • 11.8" x 16.7" - delicates/silks (same size as above, but different mesh style)
  • 6" x 7" - can fit 2 bras (I fit 4 non-padded bras)
  • 8" x 8" - undies and socks

So if you haven't tried using laundry bags or are looking for quality ones at a good price, this is the
set. Once again, this is the link:


DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the goods in this post in exchange for giving my fair and honest opinion.