Wednesday, June 06, 2018

**REVIEW** Klean Kanteen Insulated Wide-Mouth Mug

Although I'm not a bio-mom, I did help for a while in the care of some of my nieces. Though a couple of those kids are only 15 years my junior, they still honor me as a mom-by-proxy. This past Mother's Day, one of the nieces (who is also my Goddaughter) got me a bag of delicious coffee and a mug from my all-time fave coffee roasters. I also got a plant, but I'm here to talk about the Kaladi Brothers-stamped Klean Kanteen that I'm so in love with. (And I say that mine is stamped with Kaladi's logo because you can get a non-Kaladi one by going to the Klean Kanteen site.)

When Klean Kanteen said that this particular style would keep my coffee hot for up to 14 hours, they lied. I have opened the Kanteen after sixteen hours and my coffee is still quite toasty. No kidding. For keeping things cold, I can tell you this: I filled the Kanteen with lots of ice cubes and just about a cup of water one morning around 10. My brother and I were going to be out running errands and it was over 90 degrees that day already. I sipped from the Kanteen and kept it in the shade on the floor of the car whenever we got out. I went home around 4 because my brother had to pick up his wife from work. I just put the Kanteen on the kitchen counter while I went to take a shower. The next time I even thought about the Kanteen was after 9 that night. I was getting ready for bed and was going to refill the Kanteen with more ice and water to keep on the nightstand. I will be doggone if there was still some ice in the container. I'm horrible at math, but you can add it up for yourself. From about 10 in the morning to just before 9 that evening, my Kanteen was still chilled and chilling.

I do notice that for coffee, it helps to warm the Kanteen beforehand by filling it with really hot water while making your coffee. For the cold, I just add the ice and use cold water. I'm still amazed at how long the Kanteen worked for ice water. That's pretty vital here where we've been getting temps up over 100 degrees. In the winter, we can get as low as 15 below zero (as I learned a few months ago!).

The one thing I don't like is the lid. It's difficult to take apart for cleaning. Also, the Kanteen will spill if tipped the wrong way. Not a lot, but it does leak. Those are the only (and minor) things about this mug that I've run into. The Pros far, far outweigh the Cons though.

So, yes, the Kanteen can be a little pricey and I probably would never have tried it had I not gotten mine as a gift. Now that I know how well they work, I would not hesitate to buy one.