Wednesday, March 13, 2019

**VAPING** My Ongoing List of Online Vape Stores

STOP: this post is ONLY for those of legal age for nicotine use.
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state-by-state regulations
UPDATE - Add ECBlend to the list. You can read the full review here.

One of the things I wish had been easier when I started vaping was finding online vendors. I wanted to know about places where customers had good experiences and felt like they were getting quality products. That list exists - all over the freaking internet. I decided to start my own list and you can just take it or leave it.

Obviously, I can't vouch for everyone's joy and satisfaction when dealing with vendors on this list. I can tell you all about my experiences. I will do one of my Pro and Con bullet-ings for each place.

The list is pretty short right now, but just keep checking back as I post updates. Here we go...

Image result for breazy vape
Breazy was one of the first sites I bought a device from. I got the SMOK Venepromno from them. That first time was not a good experience, but I have since ordered my Eleaf Pico Baby from them and was much more impressed.

  • Site setup is awesome. It's easy to search for and sort products.
  • There is a set of FAQs and a Support page with Chat, Email, or Phone options.
  • They have a really nice array of hardware, juices, and accessories. I LOVE looking for starter kits there.
  • Prices are not the lowest, but also not the highest
  • Each item has a note of whether it's shipped and sold by Breazy (vs, I suppose, another vendor?)
  • Site was secure and I had no problems sharing payment information
  • The shipping was fast (except for my first ever order) & they offered a Flat Rate USPS option.
  • They offer international shipping except to Turkey, according to the site.
  • You can access details of past orders.
  • Service was erratic back in 2018 - as in slow delivery and some communication issues. I found help from the via Reddit instead of on the actual site. Afterward, I had no other problems but read of a couple from other Reddit folk.
  • Not as friendly to newbies as they could be. I had asked if everything was included in a Smok device that I ordered ("as a newbie"). The chat rep assured me that I had everything. I discovered that I didn't have the 18650 batteries. A little bit of a newbie error because this bit of info was listed somewhere on the product page, but the rep could have been more helpful.

I will most definitely order from Breazy again if I find something I want at the right price. I recommend that newbies make sure to read everything on the product pages and just keep asking questions before placing your order - but that is true no matter where you shop the first few times. By the way, I did find cheaper batteries on Amazon that day.

Image result for electric tobacconist logoThis was the second place I ever shopped and I think I heard of them on Reddit. I used to order my nic salts from them (the Kwit brand). My Innokin Endura, Voopoo Caliber, and the Infinix came from ET.

  • Their shipping is free on orders over $20 and Priority for orders over $80. That's one of the best I've seen anywhere. 
  • The site is user-friendly and so easy to navigate.
  • They give a lot of good and detailed  information on the product pages for each device. That is really helpful for comparison shopping or for newbies.
  • They carry a variety of brands of juices, devices, and accessories.
  • Nic Salt juices are affordable. I particularly liked the Kwit brand when I was using nic salts.
  • As if today, they still carry Juul pods, devices, and accessories.
  • Prices on devices are pretty competitive and ET is one of the first places I check when comparing.
  • You can go back and look at detailed records of your past orders. 
    • Regular juice is kind of high, IMO, and deals are okay but there's not a ton of variety. They have a 3-for section of juices - either $13 or $18 - but they are 10ml sizes and I've found better juices in larger quantities at better prices.

    ET is one of my favorite online stores. The only thing I will probably never shop for there anymore is juice. 

    Image result for vapewildYou can almost see how I have progressed as a vapor by following my shopping trail.

    I first heard of Vapewild from a chick on Instagram. We both like discovering new places and we chat all the time about our vape experiences. She made me very happy when she told me about the Welcome Pack of eliquid for $1 instead of $17. That's the first Pro, by the way.

    • Best customer service EVER.
    • Samples (juice) included in almost every order
    • Shipping is fast and well-priced
    • Online chat available & staff is super helpful - especially to newbies
    • Staff is fun. They put out cute videos and they always personalize the bags they send you
    • Pretty good website - easy to use and has a search function
    • The site includes a lot of info for newbies, including a Beginners Guide for new vapers, vape stats, and a how-to if you want to "steep" your own juice.
    • Great prices on the VapeWild branded juices & the juices are, IMO, really good
    • That Welcome sampler that I mentioned is awesome. It's a total of 120ml 
    • They have a paid membership customers can opt for that will give them perks including free shipping on any order.
    • The non-VapeWild juices are, IMO, kind of pricey.
    • You have to look up what flavors are in the VapeWild brand juices. They have cool names (my favorite named one is Hannibal Nectar) but you often have to pull up the product page to see what flavors are included.
    • The membership fee is, again, IMO, kind of high. It's $50/yr. That could be worth it if VW is the only place you buy from. I still prefer something like Electric Tobacconist's free-over-$20 deal.


    I can't really complain about VW because they are so fun and, for the most part, reasonably priced. The samplers and especially that Welcome bag is a great way for newbies to decide if they prefer their juice with certain flavor profiles - desserts, fruit, breakfast, candy, etc. - of it they just want to stick to tobacco or menthol flavors. When I stopped using primarily nic salts, I discovered that I prefer dessert flavors, but that may change.

    Image result for vanval vaporJust so that you know, I have only just received my first ever order from VV in the past couple of days. I heard about them from someone on Instagram or Reddit.


    • Prices are awesome. I got the Sample Pack of 7 flavors (that I got to choose) in 17.5ml for $22. Bam!
    • They shipped the package 1st class for less than $5.50 and it arrived lickety-split.
    • The juices are fresh and clean tasting.
    • The juices are potent and would be a great choice for the newly smoke-free or folks who like a good nicotine hit.
    • They sell CBD liquid also. And coffee. They sell coffee beans.
    • There's not a whole lot of variety. If you are a person who likes to explore variations and a lot of different blends, you won't have a lot of choices here.
    • The juice seemed potent. I normally vape 0 or 3mgs and have some bottles of 6mg around from when I first quit tobacco. I don't know what possessed me to try 7.5mg this time. This would have been a perfect choice when I first quit and I might not have had to try nic salts. Being over 6 months tobacco free, I got in over my head. Choose your nicotine level wisely with this juice!

    I will most definitely buy from VV again - but I will go low on the nicotine. I like the clean, no-nonsense approach they take to making affordable juice.

    So far, that's it. I am going to be adding EC Blend Flavors to this list really soon. I am just waiting for my first order to arrive.