Thursday, March 28, 2019

**REVIEW** The Dollar E-Juice Club

STOP: this post is ONLY for those of legal age for nicotine use.
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state-by-state regulations

Although I now know of more than a few places to get vape juice, I have gotten used to the juice from  Vapewild. The VW brand is generally $6.99 for 30ml and I have favorite VW flavors but I'm not a flavor fanatic, as long as it vapes well enough. However, I am always on the lookout for new juices and great prices. Naturally, as soon as I heard about The Dollar E-Juice Club, my eyes lit up.

I also like the Dollar Store and Dollar Tree but I know that not all their stuff is worth even a dollar. Just to be safe about The Dollar E-Juice Club (DEC), I made my first order up of the smallest size bottles (5ml).

The label print was miniscule but so is the price

You can't really go wrong with $0.99 bottles of juice. That's one of the things I really like so far about DEC. I can try a lot of different flavors without going broke or ending up with large quantities of juice I don't like. So far, Vapewild's smallest juice comes in the 30ml bottle (for around $7). 30ml of DEC juice would be under $6. But, like I said, trying small quantities first is always nice.

By the way, 5 of the bottles came encased in the cardboard box you see above. The other 2 were nicely bubble-wrapped and the whole set of bottles was mailed in a thick bubbled-envelope. The bottles are plastic so there was no issue of breakage, but if any had leaked, the packaging was great protection against spills.

It's tough to see the bottle labels in the photos, so I'll tell you what I got:

1) Mango (described as "fresh ripe mangoes). OMG. This was so flavorful that I felt like I was eating a fresh piece of fruit and the smell was mouthwatering. This is the best Mango flavored juice, hands down, since the Juul. For the last few weeks, I thought that my tastebuds were getting dulled because I haven't been getting as much flavor from my usual juice. I like this Mango so much that I have already put the 30ml bottle in my cart to order next time. SO glad that I ordered 2 in this first sample pack. (NOTE: There is also a menthol version of this.) 

2) Glazed Donut ("sweet, freshly baked, glazed donut"). This one was just okay. On the first couple of hits, there was not as much flavor as with the Mango and what I did get was not "sweet" enough for me. On the next few hits, I realized that this is a juice where the flavor is so muted overall that I don't get a sense of "donut" at all. I don't mind it but I won't order it again. I think that the flavors are just not strong enough in this one.

3) Sugar Cookie ("freshly baked butter cookies topped with sugar crystals"). Like with the Mango, I could smell this so much better than I could the Glazed Donut. Once again, the flavor really came through but I'm not a fan of that flavor. That was a little bit of a surprise because I generally like juices with the flavor of baked goods. I got a slightly (very slight) taste of cinnamon. This isn't bad but I won't order more.

4) Creamy Yellow Cake ("golden sponge cake filled with whipped cream" - so basically, a Twinkie!) This is another "Yes!" I liked that it wasn't overpowering but still let the flavor come through. In fact, it's pretty mild. The smell is more like baked yellow cake with the tiniest hint of... lemon?. Maybe, but the taste is not as vanilla-ey as expected. I have to say that this one - also with the Mango - is one I tasted on my tastebuds and in my nose if that makes sense. This one was nice, mellow, and really yummy. Anyone who likes a very mild custard or baked goods taste would probably enjoy this one. A larger size is going into my cart the next time.

5) Strawberry Cheesecake ("creamy smooth cheesecake filling in a soft graham cracker crust topped with candied strawberries") Once I got this open  (I hate opening tiny juice bottles!) I was a little put off by the scent. Keep in mind that, while I love cheesecake, I can do without the strawberry topping. However, this was not bad at all. It's another nice rich flavor, very lush and tasty. Surprised me and I might even have to order more.

6) Cotton Candy ("thin spun cotton candy") I chose this one more as a "novelty" because I wanted to try some flavors out of my norm. I really couldn't smell this one, but I did get the flavor. The taste of this one was mild on the exhale but came through stronger a moment later. Weird. It's not bad and I am surprised that I like it enough to probably order more.

So I guess it won't surprise you to know that the Mango is what's in my device right now. I can't get enough of that one. If you want to know something, I often vape to curb my appetite. Does anyone else do that? I mean, if I can just get a good scent of fruit or baked goods, I can just sip my coffee and keep it moving past the fridge.

Bottom line, DEC is going to be one of my go-to places. I like that I can sample in small quantities for under a buck and the flavors are true to the descriptions. My order arrived really fast and the shipping was basically USPS First Class or Priority. I used the cheaper First Class option and got my order in 3 business (week) days. Not bad at all. Orders over $35 score free shipping. In addition, I want to mention that, no matter what (if any) other codes you use, the Honey extension might give a better discount. I'm not recommending you do use Honey, but it gave me a better discount than the Welcome code I tried first.

I'm happy that I heard about The Dollar E-Juice Club because it's definitely one that I am adding to my regular sites to use.