Saturday, August 10, 2019

**REVIEW** Bug Zapper

(This is for those vendors who have been sending me their products unsolicited: I will NOT review your items on Amazon because of that site's most recent review policies. However, because some of you are so persistent, I will post reviews of your product(s) here on the blog. That said, this post is a review of one of those products.)

Oddly enough. this was one of the first unsolicited products I received and I had trouble figuring out what company/seller it came from. I figured out that it's from Yunlights and is this particular model, which can also be found on Amazon.

I kind of hate to say it (because I felt the seller was pushy) but this little thing works alright. The first day that I used it, nothing happened for a few hours. That kind of surprised me. I have a lot of indoor plants. Also, I keep my windows open quite a bit and the front of our building is lined with all kinds of plants and bushes. Iowa has houseflies so bold that they organize baseball games and picnics. Those buggers are daring and fearless. In addition to the flies, there are all kinds of smaller winged insects here. In Alaska, we pretty much only worried about the mosquitos (mosquitos bigger than drones but...) and gnats.

Maybe the light is supposed to attract them?

After about four hours, I wondered if the zapper was just very silently killing things. And wouldn't that be a little creepy? I checked the little insect tray and, nope, nothing. I was ready to give up on the thing. As a matter of fact, since I had it in the living room and I was in the bedroom, I forgot that I even had it plugged in. Then, sometime that evening, I damn near had a heart attack. 

Here's the thing: this zapper, when it works, the damn thing goes off like a tiny gunshot. The only reason I figured out where the sound came from is I called my brother. I wanted to let him know that I was hearing sounds I couldn't explain. He knew that I had gotten the zapper and told me that's what made the sound.


My brother was right. That night I moved the zapper into the bedroom to keep an eye on it. I set the zapper up right next to me on the night table. I was listening to a podcast when


 I just about wet myself. And then, just when my heart quit banging away like a cartoon character, another of those gunshots went off. Yep, it really was the zapper doing its job.

Hmm... did it catch any???

Yep. This is a closeup.
I think I even see a bunch of little... insect legs?

So, yes, this zapper works. Kind of. It seems to attract certain flying insects - mostly those irritating window gnats - but I think the flies are too smart. 

On the positive side:
  • The zapper does work (for some of the smaller and stupider insects). 
  • There is a metal link so that you can hang the zapper up somewhere
  • It's small enough not to detract from the indoor decor
  • It comes with a little brush to clean out the bug tray
  • It's totally silent while plugged in

Here are the negatives:
  • There's no on/off switch. It's tedious to have to plug and unplug.
  • The cord would not be long enough for me to hang this anywhere and reach an outlet.
  • The price seems, in my opinion, to be just a smidge too high.
  • Either I don't have as many plant pests as I thought or this thing only attracts the most minute one.
Honestly, if this thing didn't trigger my instinct to dive for cover every time it worked, I would give it a solid 4 stars.